How to set up Wells Fargo direct deposit in 3 easy steps?

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Getting paid by direct deposit can mean you get your salary or federal benefits faster. You’ll need to take a few simple steps to get your direct deposit with Wells Fargo all set up - but then you can sit back as your payments are deposited right in your account for convenience.

This guide covers how to set up direct deposits with Wells Fargo, including troubleshooting common issues, and completing the Wells Fargo direct deposit form.

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What is direct deposit?

Direct deposit payments are available for many regular deposits including your salary, pensions, dividend payments and any federal benefits you might receive through the U.S. Treasury. With a direct deposit, your money arrives in your bank account automatically as soon as it’s released by the depositor. You won’t need to collect a check or visit a branch to deposit it - making the whole process faster and more secure.

To set up a Wells Fargo direct deposit, you’ll usually just need to complete the direct deposit application form and hand it to your employer or any other eligible depositor. There’s even a prefilled form available on the Wells Fargo online banking system, to speed things up.

wells fargo direct deposit

How to set up Wells Fargo direct deposit in 3 easy steps?

Set up your Wells Fargo direct deposit by taking just a few easy steps:¹

  1. Download and complete the Wells fargo direct deposit form² - you can also access a prefilled form in online banking to cut admin time
  2. Print your form and hand it to your employer or the company or agency that pays you
  3. Keep and eye on your account to see the payments arrive once activated

To complete the direct deposit application, you’ll need to enter:

You can choose to have your money deposited into your checking account, a savings account or even a prepaid card. Full details of how to complete the required information are on the direct deposit form.

What time do direct deposits usually hit for Wells Fargo?

You have immediate access to your money on the day of deposit. Although Wells Fargo does not publish a deposit time, current users of the service state in online reviews that the money is typically available early on the morning of the expected deposit.

How long does it take for my direct deposit to go through?

Once you submit your paperwork to set up direct deposits, your payroll department will need to process it to begin your direct deposit payments. This may take one or two payment cycles depending on their processes.

Once your direct deposit is active, you can monitor deposits arriving into your account by setting up a transaction alert on Wells Fargo online banking. This will allow you to see straight away when the direct deposit hits your account.

wells fargo direct deposit

Wells Fargo direct deposit: Should you set one up?

Wells Fargo lists out several advantages of setting up a direct deposit to get paid conveniently. Check these out:

  • Direct deposits are convenient - get paid even if you’re not in the office on payday
  • Direct deposits are fast - you’ll get immediate access to your money on the day of deposit
  • Direct deposits are safe - unlike checks, direct deposit payments won’t be lost, delayed or stolen
  • Set up automatic saving from your Wells Fargo account to add to your savings pot every time you get paid
  • Set up automatic payments through Wells Fargo to pay your bills as soon as your salary lands

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Frequently asked questions

What number do I give for Wells Fargo direct deposit?

To set up Wells Fargo direct deposits you need your 9 digit routing number and your account number which is a maximum of 13 digits. Find your Wells Fargo routing number here or on your checks - your account number is also printed on your checks, or available in online banking.

Why didn't my direct deposit go through Wells Fargo?

If your direct deposit didn’t arrive when you expected it to, the first place to ask is your company’s payroll department. Wells Fargo should make payments available as soon as they’re released by the depositor - that means that delays may be caused if the payroll runs late or misses a Wells Fargo deadline.

What time do direct deposits usually hit for Wells Fargo?

Wells Fargo direct deposits are usually available early on the day they’re released by the depositor. Set up account alerts to see exactly when your payment hits.

If you’re getting paid by your employer, receive military pay or VA benefits, social security, dividends or a pension, direct deposits can mean you get your money faster. Take a look at Wells Fargo direct deposits as a simple way to have payments arrive in your account with no hassle and no need to wait to collect and deposit a check.


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