Taavet chats all things FinTech, finance and startups with Index Ventures and a16z

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Over the last week Wise co-founder Taavet has featured in two podcasts with Wise's investors; a16z and Index Ventures.

Below is a brief summary of each interview and the Soundcloud embeds so you can listen back.

1. Index Ventures Founders Interview

The first, with Index Ventures, features Taavet and Index partner Jan Hammer talk to Sky News’ Ian King about the challenges of scaling a fin-tech startup. From two guys with an idea on a napkin to an insurgent taking on the banks. Covering everything from culture to the entrepreneurial journey the discussion is a great insight into being a startup founder.

There is also discussion around regulation, FinTech and the pro-active support the industry is getting from the regulators in the UK. Ian also asks Taavet if he thinks a bank could hire someone like him to help them be more nimble...!

You'll have to listen in for his answer to that one. Listen back:

2. a16z : When banking works like my smartphone

The conversation with a16z, who were part of Wise's $58 million 2015 investment round, focuses on Wise's recent Future of Finance report. Lack of transparency is a key issue - and Taavet explains that the lack of consumer awareness is a problem that Wise is working hard to tackle.

Consumer trust is also a hot topic, especially when considering less tech savvy people looking to move their money around the world (like Taavet's parents!). Listen back:

For more from the team behind Wise, you can follow our Medium publication 'Wise Ideas' here.

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