Student discounts you don't want to miss out on


The best things about being a student? Meeting new people, developing a pool of knowledge, student discounts?

Take your pick - we know you're all thinking discounts. Student discounts and deals are one of the best things about student life - especially if you study in London.

To make sure that you never miss a student deal again we’ve compiled a list of useful tools to help you keep track of them all.


This platform is amazing for shopaholics.

It makes bargain hunting all the more easier. Being a member you can always check where and when there is a student discount. Get deals both online and in-store. And with the app you can even look for discounts when you are already out and about shopping.


The beauty of being a student is that you get 3 months of holiday during the best season of the year.

If you're using this time to travel to exotic places and broaden your horizon you can still benefit from some great deals. StudentUniverse shows you all the travel deals you can get with your student ID. Flights, accommodation, tours - you name it, StudentUniverse will have it.

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SMS - student money saver

This should be one of your go to places to find anything discounted.

You can pick and choose categories and look for specific deals tailored to your needs - whether you are looking for cheap tickets to events or a new pair of trainers.

NUS card

For £12 you can get a NUS card which will open up an entire world of discounts.

Anything from gadgets to fitness is included in the deal. You can purchase the card for 1, 2 or 3 years. Why not?!

Save the student

This is a cool platform that shows you a feed with the latest student deals - imagine twitter meets

It’s easy to spot new deals, from food to clothing you can find everything the student heart desires.

One more way to get a great deal...

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