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Founding a startup is incredibly difficult. You understand the problem you're solving. You pull together a product around it. You inspire a team that believes in the vision. You do everything 'right'... and it's not quite enough.

It’s deflating. We know. Every one of Wise's product people have worked on tech startups that didn't go supersonic. But the lessons learnt along the way have helped us build a world-changing company. And now, we're looking for more great people.

At Wise, we do Product by allowing our teams to choose what to build, and measure their own success. This approach has it's own unique challenges and rewards. It's something that startup founders intrinsically understand. We don't believe any company fosters a sense of responsibility quite like your own.

Tech entrepreneurs also work towards a vision of how they'll change the world, and inspire others to join them on the journey. This ties in closely with how our Product team works. We don't micromanage, we inspire. We don't get orders from above, we work out what performs. Then do it.

So, why Wise?

Simple. we'll give you a platform to build something beautiful, that's already proven. Wise has seen insane growth in its first four years. Building on this will be a tough but rewarding challenge. Also, we give all employees equity. That means that every single one of us is in this together.

And there's a sauna in the office.

And a beer fridge or two.

If this excites you, we should talk. Get in touch here with your CV, and an intro to your startup. We look forward to hearing from you.

For more on how Product works at Wise, check out Nilan's blog post here.

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