Send Canadian dollars the wise way

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Want to save money when you send Canadian dollars? There’s a smarter, cheaper way to send money internationally.

When you convert currencies with traditional providers, such as a bank, a broker or PayPal, you typically pay a lot more than you expect. On top of fees they charge, they use an exchange rate with a mark-up, which often ends up costing you more than what you thought you’d pay.

Wise is different. We’re on a mission to build faster, cheaper and fairer international payments. Our fees are completely transparent and they’re a fraction of what banks or brokers usually charge. We use the real exchange rate with no mark-up, so you know exactly how much you’re paying every time. It's international banking built the right way.

How Wise works:

  • Our transfers are fast, fair and low cost – the fee is typically below 1% of the total amount you're sending plus a small fixed fee.
  • You always get the real exchange rate for your Canadian dollars - with no costly mark-up.
  • You can make CAD transfers straight from, or from our iOS and Android apps.
  • You can send money with Wise directly to other bank accounts or to the Wise borderless account, which lets you spend, send and receive money in multiple currencies.

Try our calculator to see how much your transfer will cost:

All your international banking needs in one account. Your Wise account also lets you:

  • Hold over 50 currencies in your account, and convert between them instantly.
  • Get paid from abroad for free with local bank details for 6 major currencies.

8 million people already save using Wise - and they're all pretty cool.

Meet Canadian guitarist Jeremy Hiebert, who not only shed his conservative religious background; he formed hardcore punk band Comeback Kid, whom he tours across Europe with.

“Our tour manager and our accountant told us about Wise, and said that we’d save a lot of money on the exchange rate. We set up a local account with Wise in Germany, so now the money gets wired there, which saves us money. I’m thankful for it.”

Want to read more about how our customers save? Check out our Lives Without Borders series.

Wise is proud to help people living international lives. We're there to help you manage your money across borders. Join our 8 million customers at, or through our Android or iOS app app.

Wise is the smart, new way to send money abroad.

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