The top 10 best selling apps to sell your stuff

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Want to clean up the clutter in your home and pocket some change at the same time? You might be able to do just that with a selling app.

Selling apps are online marketplaces where sellers put their stuff up for sale. The apps make it easy to sell your item to a buyer, whether they’re across town or on the other side of the world.

But no two selling apps are the same. Let’s check out the best selling apps overall, so you know where to advertise your stuff.

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What is the best app for selling stuff?

The best app depends on what you want to sell.

There are dozens of high-quality apps for selling stuff, whether you want to clean out the junk in your garage or get rid of some specific furniture pieces.

Let’s break down the 10 best apps to sell your stuff now.


PriceBest for
$2 minimum or 12.9% depending on item cost (local sales are free)Great for local sales

OfferUp is a free online marketplace that allows you to sell almost anything.

A smart built-in “Promotion” feature allows you to potentially sell your item faster by putting it in front of more users, although you have to pay a fee for this benefit.

Sellers also have the option to choose between setting a firm price or allowing negotiable asking prices.


PriceBest for
FreeTech and electronics

Decluttr is a great selling app if you want to get rid of gadgets or random household items and toys. Payment is instantaneous, and you can get a sneak peek at the potential profit once you put in your item’s barcode.

You can accept bids from potential buyers and get your payment through a variety of deposit methods, including PayPal or checks.


PriceBest for
$2.95 flat-fee/20% commission fee for anything sold over $15Selling branded clothing and shoes

Poshmark is a useful selling app if you want to get rid of your brand-name clothing, shoes, and other related accessories.

You first have to create a profile and add several photos of each item you want to sell. A great feature is that you can set up discounts to motivate shoppers to buy more items from you.


PriceBest for
Usually freeBig sales where safety matters

5miles is a peer-to-peer marketplace app that connects buyers to sellers using phone GPS signals.

It offers a dedicated online payment and shipping option and is a good choice for sellers concerned about safety. Once you make a deal, this selling app will point out a safe location, like nearby police stations, in which to carry out the transaction.


PriceBest for
30% commission fee with less than 10 active listings, 20% fee with 10 or moreSelling home furniture

Chairish is an online marketplace for selling furniture, home accessories, and art.

It’s a robust and well-developed app overall, offering in-person pickup coordination or shipment options for long-distance buyers.


PriceBest for
Free between $0-$50, $5 for sales between $50-$100, and set fees increasing according to the sale price.Selling unwanted gadgets

Swappa is designed specifically for selling your unwanted phone, laptop, or any other gadgets you have lying around.

You can also use the app to track how much your device is worth, helping you sell at the best time.

While Swappa does charge set fees for sales above $50, the fee is automatically built into the price and paid by the buyer.


PriceBest for
$7.50 flat-fee/19.8% fee for items over $50Selling high-quality clothing

Tradesy is a selling app specialized for selling fashion items, like clothes and shoes, but keep in mind that the clothes have to be high-quality with minimal wear and tear.

Once you sell an item, you'll get a prepaid shipping label for ease of use. This makes shipping easy and convenient with Tradesy.

CPlus for Craigslist

PriceBest for
FreeSelling with minimal effort

CPlus for Craigslist is a third-party app officially licensed by Craigslist. The app allows you to list items for sale, upload photos, add a description and set a price.

The big difference between the main Craigslist platform is that sellers get alerts via notifications, plus a variety of other tools to help you sell items faster than usual.


PriceBest for
FreeFreebie selling/giving away

Nextdoor is a neighborhood-specific selling app that allows you to both sell items for money and give away things for free.

It’s perfect for local sellers. It also has a variety of other integrated options to help bring communities together, such as news about road closures or neighborhood events.

If you’ve just moved to a new neighborhood, then Nextdoor could be a great selling app for you.

Facebook Marketplace

PriceBest for
Free unless you are a Facebook merchant, in which case there’s a 5% fee for all transactionsFast sales

Last but not least, Facebook Marketplace is a well-known selling app you can access if you have a Facebook account.

You can post an item for sale, upload a picture and add details in a just few minutes from your phone.

Facebook’s algorithm does the rest, including choosing a category and prompting a price range for the item.

The advantage of Facebook marketplace is that you can reach a large audience. However, if you are selling a very specific item, using a specialized selling app can help you reach a narrower, but relevant audience.

Selling apps

What can you sell on apps for selling stuff?

Most selling apps allow you to put a wide range of stuff up for sale, including clothing, electronics, books, furniture, and more. But many platforms don’t allow you to put any perishable items up for sale, such as food or drinks.

Furthermore, some platforms require you to put things for sale up in particular categories to make it easier for people to find the stuff they want.

Many platforms are also specialized to help people find the things they want more quickly, such as Chairish. On these selling apps, you will only be able to sell the specific items that fit within the apps' category.

Who can use apps to sell stuff?

Practically all apps require you to be 18 years of age or older.

You’ll need to be an adult to create an account and set up a payment portal or credit or debit card to accept profits from your sales.

How much do the best selling apps cost?

Many selling apps are free, particularly if your sales are between yourself and a local.

Some selling apps make a profit by asking for a percentage of your sale profits. Think of this as a commission fee.

The most common versions of these fees are flat commission fees (which do not change in price regardless of the value of the item you sold).

A way around this can be if sellers incorporate this fee into their asking prices, so they always get the amount of profit they want in the end.

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  1. OfferUp
  2. Decluttr
  3. Poshmark
  4. 5Miles
  5. Chairish
  6. Swappa
  7. Tradesy
  8. Cplus for Craigslist
  9. Nextdoor
  10. Facebook Marketplace

All sources checked 7 May 2021.

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