How to sell on AliExpress: Complete guide

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AliExpress is a leading global online marketplace, which sells in many countries. It’s a subsidiary of the Chinese Alibaba Group and has vast usership.

Between December 2021 and May 2022, the website had over 2.7 billion visitors. January 2022 saw its highest ever hits.¹ This makes selling on AliExpress an attractive option.

While it has a strong Chinese focus, foreign sellers are slowly being allowed to sell on AliExpress. As with any new platform, it’s worth reading up on how to sell on AliExpress before you get started.

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How to sell on AliExpress - First steps

Can I sell on AliExpress?

The main condition for selling on AliExpress is your business location. AliExpress started in China, but has since started global expansion. As of mid-2022, sellers with businesses in Russia, Spain, Italy, Turkey, France, Brazil, or Mainland China can join.²

However, AliExpress is well set on expansion. It may only be a matter of time before sellers from other countries (such as other EU countries, UK and USA) are permitted to sell.

To sell, you will need to agree to the Alipay Global Open Platform Membership Agreement and follow the terms of use.

How can you open an AliExpress account?

The first step to start selling on AliExpress is to open an AliExpress account.

You will need your company contact information, VAT number, and operating license. You will also need the details of a company legal representative.³

There is a simple process to register via the 'Join' page:

  • First, select your country of business (and tax registration). As a reminder, only the following countries can register at the moment - Russia, Spain, Italy, Turkey, France, Brazil, and Mainland China.

  • You will then need to enter your email, choose a password, and verify the email through a link.

  • Once the email is verified, you will enter company information. This includes: company type (a choice of limited liability, private, or joint stock); company name, address, email and phone number; tax registration number and tax registration certificate (or equivalent) details.

  • You then need to enter personal details for the company legal representative. This includes full name, email address, phone number, nationality, date of birth, and passport or identity card number.

  • With this information, registration should be complete. You need to wait for acceptance from AliExpress before you can sell. This should happen within two to three working days.

Opening an AliExpress account

How to register your AliExpress store

Once your account registration is accepted you can begin to set up your online store. There are four main steps to complete here:

Step 1: Category enrolment

The first registration step is to choose the product categories that best match your store items.

AliExpress defines a huge and varied range of product categories. These are accessed through the category enrolment page. You simply select the categories and subcategories that are most appropriate for your items. You then download the merchandise list for each.

Within these lists, you select the products you will sell. You may need to apply for trademark degree service and business brand.

Step 2: Annual repayment fee

Once you have selected the products you will sell, you need to confirm your setup and payment plan. You will be presented with the possible options for plans, with the appropriate annual fees. Simply select and confirm your choice.

Step 3: Shop administration

Next, you need to set up your shop identity and details. This involves creating a brand for your store and filling in store information. This is also where you can link to another website to manage stock.

Step 4: Add and publish products

By this point, your shop is set up and ready to go. The last, but important, step is to add your sales products. This is based on the categories and lists chosen earlier. You can add relevant details, descriptions, and photos to make your products stand out.

You’ll also need to specify minimum order quantities, discounts, delivery costs and time, returns policy, and product location.

Add products to AliExpress

How much does it cost to sell on AliExpress?

Costs to sell on AliExpress are straightforward and well defined. You only pay commission fees for products that sell. There are no listing or management fees.

You simply pay a fixed commission as a percentage of the total sales price. This rate varies by category (and sometimes subcategory) but is generally between 5% and 8%.⁴

Some examples by category include:

  • Furniture: 5%
  • Home appliances: 5%
  • Consumer electronics: 5% to 8%
  • Fashion and accessories: 5% to 8%
  • Sports: 5% to 8%
  • Baby products: 8%

Pros and cons of selling on AliExpress

  • You can take advantage of a large audience who already visit AliExpress to grow your customer base.
  • You can sell products in many countries.
  • Wide variety of categories you can choose to sell in. You can sell any legal product.
  • No limits for types or numbers or products you can sell.
  • AliExpress does not sell its own products in competition.
  • Can be integrated with several other online stores.
  • Transparent fees, with product commissions only charged on sold items.
  • Must have a business in Russia, Spain, Italy, Turkey, France or Mainland China.
  • High competition - there are already lots of sellers and products to compete with.
  • It can be difficult to list custom products.
  • There are certain product types you cannot sell. These include food, books and audio products.

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