Revolut vs Paysera [2023]: Which one is better for you?

Adam Rozsa

If you want an online account which lets you manage your money easily on the go, you might be considering Revolut or Paysera. But which is best? This guide tells you all you need to know.

As well as reviewing at Revolut and Paysera, we’ll take a quick look at an alternative for comparison - the Wise account. Let’s dive right in.


Revolut vs. Paysera: Overview

Paysera¹ is a Lithuania based e-money institution with a range of products and services including a financial management app and payment gateway. Launched in 2004, Paysera has over 1 million customers at present.

Revolut² is UK based and launched in 2015, with 20 million personal customers³ signed up so far. Like Paysera, Revolut is also a financial app with accounts for individuals and businesses.

Before we get into a head to head of Revolut vs Paysera on a number of key features, let’s get an overview.

Revolut⁵Paysera⁴ ⁶
  • Open an account for free or upgrade to a fee paid plan
  • Hold and exchange around 28 currencies
  • Currency exchange uses the mid-market exchange rate to any applicable plan limits
  • Spend and withdraw with a linked debit card
  • Trade crypto and stocks
  • Earn interest on balances
  • Open children’s accounts
  • Get extra perks for fee paid plans
  • Accounts are free to open online
  • Hold a balance in a range of currencies
  • Currency exchange rates are likely to use a markup
  • Debit cards can not be delivered to US addresses
  • Trade gold
  • Some account holders can also buy event tickets through Paysera
  • Within Europe, Paysera also operates a parcel pickup network

In broad terms, Revolut is fully focused on its financial management app which it has rolled out to Europe, the US and a few other large regions. Paysera is a European company which offers financial management app services in Europe and around the world - but some of the features offered can only really be accessed within Europe. That may be a limiting factor if you’re a customer based in the US.

However, we’ve got a full feature review coming up - plus an alternative to compare as well - Wise - which offers personal and business accounts in the US and in a broad range of other countries and regions, too²⁰.


If you’re looking for an online or mobile account, you’re probably hoping for a cheap way to manage your money. So let’s get started right away with the fees you’ll pay to use both Revolut and Paysera. Other charges may apply depending on how you use your account.

ServiceRevolut feePaysera fee
Open accountFree10 EUR to open account in a Paysera branch⁶

Free online

Account monthly feeStandard plans are free - or upgrade to a paid plan for up to 16.99 USD/month⁵No fee
Currencies available28+Open a balance in a range of global currencies
Get a debit cardFree - delivery charge may applyPaysera cards can not be delivered to the US
Spend and withdraw with your debit cardNo fee to spend currencies you hold

In network ATM withdrawals are free

Up to 1,200 USD/month of out of network ATM withdrawals fee free

Paysera cards can not be delivered to the US
Send international paymentsCustomers get 10 fee free transfers per month

Fees apply after that, which are confirmed in the Revolut app when you set up your payment

Fees vary based on the currency being sent

Sending EUR to the EU has low fees and can arrive instantly⁷

For other international payments, higher fees apply and transfers may take several days⁸ ⁹

Dormant account feeNot applicable2 EUR/month
Close account feeNot applicable10 EUR to close account in a Paysera branch

Free online

💡 If you want to read more about Revolut in particular, get a full Revolut review here.


When it comes to holding and exchanging currencies, Revolut and Paysera take a slightly different approach.

Revolut allows free Standard plan holders to convert up to 1,000 USD per month. Paid plan holders can exchange as much as they like with this rate, which is typically the best available anywhere on the market.

Paysera uses competitive rates, but it’s worth comparing them to the mid-market exchange rate to see if a markup has been used. This is a common practice, but it does push up costs and makes it harder to see exactly what you’re paying to send a payment overseas or convert currencies within your account.

If you want an online account primarily to hold, exchange, send and spend around the world, check out the free Wise account as a great alternative. Hold 40+ currencies, and exchange between them with the mid-market exchange rate and low, transparent fees¹⁹ every time.

See how much you can save with Wise:


You can open a Revolut account from the US, UK, EEA, Australia, Switzerland, Singapore or Japan¹⁰.

You can hold and exchange around 28 currencies, and spend with your linked card in 140+ currencies. Account features and fees do vary based on where you’re located, so if you’re not in the US, check out the details online.

Paysera is available in a broad range of countries, including the US. You can send payments in 30 currencies, to 180 countries¹¹. However, the Paysera debit card can’t be delivered to any addresses outside the EEA.

If you happen to have an address in Europe, you’ll be able to receive a card there to use with Paysera - otherwise this is not an option.


While Revolut and Paysera do offer some overlapping features, they’re quite different companies, really. Let’s take a look at some of the key features offered by each of them.

Revolut account features

  • Free or fee paid accounts
  • All accounts are interest earning
  • Linked debit cards - virtual cards available for fee paid plans
  • Hold and exchange around 28 currencies
  • Trade crypto and stocks
  • Open accounts for children under 18
  • Paid accounts get travel perks and extra benefits

Paysera features

  • Free accounts to hold a range of currencies
  • Debit cards available within Europe
  • Send money all over the world
  • Payment gateway for e-shops
  • Ticketing service
  • Trade gold
  • Parcel delivery locker service (in Europe)
  • Micropayments for game developers


All Revolut US accounts - even the free Standard plan - come with a linked debit card for international spending and withdrawals. You can make fee free withdrawals from 55,000+ ATMs in the US, with up to 1,200 USD a month in out of network withdrawals fee free too.

Paysera also has a linked debit card - but this is not available for delivery to addresses outside the EEA¹². That means that unless you’re applying with a European address, you won’t be able to get a linked card for your Paysera account.

💡If you’re not eligible for a Paysera debit card, and want to compare the Revolut card against an alternative, take a look at the Wise international debit card. You can order a Wise card for a one time low fee¹⁹, and use it in 150+ countries. Spend any currency you hold in your Wise account - and if you don’t have the right currency, the smart technology automatically converts your balance at the best rate whenever you spend.

Order a Wise account today

Customer reviews

Checking customer reviews on a site like Trustpilot can be a good way to get a feel for what current customers think of a provider before you open an account. Here’s where Revolut and Paysera stand on Trustpilot at the time of writing.

  • Revolut - 4.4 star Excellent status, with 115,000+ reviews listed¹³
  • Paysera - 2.7 star Poor status, with 2,000+ reviews listed¹⁴

While Revolut clearly has the higher rating and a far higher number of reviews, it’s worth noting that the Paysera team does respond to issues raised in Trustpilot reviews, and seems to be active in trying to resolve problems here. Trustpilot's ratings are very dynamic as they’re based on live feedback, so you can always check out where they both sit before you decide where to open your account.

Customer support

Revolut’s customer support is offered through a 24/7 in app chat¹⁵. You’ll need to log into your Revolut account to get personalized help, any time of the day or night. Customers with paid plans get priority support. If you need to block your Revolut debit card, you can also call their automated pine on +18447443512.

Paysera¹⁶ offers support through an online email form¹⁷ or by phone. They have a range of different European languages on offer - but if you want English-speaking support, you’ll need to call their UK team on +44 20 80996963. If you’re after a different language, check out the full range of options and local phone numbers on the Paysera customer support page.

Bottom line: Paysera vs Revolut – Which is better for you?

Whether Revolut or Paysera is better for you will depend on why you need an online account. If you’re looking for a free account for simple online money management - especially if you’ll be transacting in euros a lot, Paysera might suit you.

However, overall Revolut tends to have more on offer for US based customers, particularly because it’s far easier to get hold of a linked debit card. With Revolut, you’ll also be able to spend with your card and make fee free withdrawals from lots of US based ATMs, as well as getting handy features like trading options, interest bearing savings vaults and accounts for children under 18.

Before you make a final decision, compare Revolut with the Wise account.

Wise offers online personal accounts which can hold 40+ currencies, making them a great option if you travel a lot, as they cover more currencies than Revolut.

Get a linked Wise debit card for a one time fee¹⁹, and spend and make withdrawals in 150+ countries around the world. See whether Wise or Revolut suits you better - and start saving today.

Get a Wise account today

Frequently asked questions

What is better than Revolut?

There are quite a few other apps which offer similar or overlapping services to Revolut. Which is best for you will depend entirely on how you’ll use your account. To get some inspiration, check out this guide to Revolut alternatives, and see if anything looks interesting.

Can I transfer money from Revolut to Paysera?

Whether or not you can move money from Revolut and Paysera will depend on the Paysera account you want to top up, the currency and the country you’re in¹⁸. Log into your Paysera account to see your options.

Is Paysera a Lithuanian provider?

Paysera was launched in Lithuania and also has a number of offices elsewhere in Europe.

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