Revolut international transfer fees: an in-depth guide

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If you have a Revolut®¹ account and card you’ll know it’s a super handy and flexible way to hold and spend in a selection of foreign currencies. But what about the Revolut international transfer fees for those times you need to send a payment to someone based abroad?

This guide walks through how the Revolut Standard Account fees, Premium Account fees, and Business Account international fees work, including the similarities and differences.

Plus we’ll touch on an alternative you might want to compare - non-bank provider Wise. Wise offers low cost international transfers to 160+ countries, with costs that can be as low as 0.43%².


Does Revolut charge international transfer fees?

Yes. There are some key details in the Revolut fee structure you’ll need to get familiar with, if you’re planning on sending a payment overseas. This guide walks through all you need to know.

Are there different international transfer fees for Standard and Premium accounts?

Revolut has 3 different personal account plans in the US - Standard, Premium and Metal. Standard plans have no monthly fee, while you’ll pay a charge to upgrade to the other tiers, in order to unlock some benefits.

When it comes to sending money overseas with Revolut, a couple of things matter - the costs and exchange rates you’ll get for converting currency, and the price of processing the payment. Both of these factors can change depending on which Revolut plan type you have.

In basic terms, Standard plan*³ holders will pay the highest international transfer fees, as they have a lower no-fee currency conversion limit, and don’t benefit from any discount on the international transfer processing.

Premium plan⁴holders are likely to pay slightly less, as their no-fee currency conversion limit is higher, and they may be able to unlock a discounted transfer fee. Metal plan⁵ holders could access the lowest available international transfer fees with Revolut, as they’ll have unlimited no-fee currency conversion and a discount on the processing fee. There’s more on the details coming up in just a moment.

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How much does Revolut charge for international transfers?

The Revolut pricing scheme for international transfers can feel a bit confusing - but the good news is that you’ll see the fees that apply to your particular transfer before you confirm it, in the app.

As we’ve said already, the Revolut plan you’re on makes a difference to the overall cost because the amount of no-fee currency conversion you get changes, and some account tiers might get discounted transfer fees.

The basic fee structure for international transfers with Revolut is as follows⁶:

200 USD or moreUp to 5%
Up to 200 USDUp to 10 USD

If you have a Premium plan you may benefit from a discount of 20% on these fees; Metal plan holders might get 40% off this charge.

The other potential fees you need to know about sit around the costs of currency conversion. One charge you might run into is the fair usage fee which applies after you exhaust your plan’s no-fee conversion limit.

The other is Revolut’s out of hours currency conversion fee - this applies whenever you convert funds out of trading hours and at the weekend.

The conversion fee will be applied after plan holders convert up to the following amounts:

PlanConversion limitFee
Standard1,000 USD/month0.5% fair usage fee
Premium10,000 USD/month0.5% fair usage fee
MetalUnlimitedNo fair usage fee

Out of hours fees apply to all plan types, and sit at an extra 1%. If either out-of-hours or fair usage fees apply to your international transfer, you’ll pay these in addition to the transfer processing fee.

Business account international transfer fees with Revolut

Revolut Business account holders pay slightly different international transfer fees compared to personal account holders.

The same basic principle applies, that there’s a transfer fee, plus potential costs involved in currency conversion - and you’ll still be able to see the costs applied to your particular payment before you confirm it, in the app.

Here’s how business pricing works for international transfers⁷:

Basic5 USD processing fee for each international transfer
Grow5 no-fee international transfers before the 5 USD fee begins
Scale25 no-fee international transfers before the 5 USD fee begins

For currency conversion, the plan you’re on also matters:

PlanConversion limitFee
Basic1,000 USD/month0.6% fair usage fee
Grow10,000 USD/month0.6% fair usage fee
Scale50,000 USD/month0.6% fair usage fee

A 1% out of hours conversion fee applies to all account plans, as it does with personal Revolut accounts.

Can the international transfer fees be avoided or reduced with Revolut?

You’ll probably not be able to avoid the costs of sending an international payment entirely - but you might be able to reduce the amount you pay overall by making sure you have the right plan type for your usage.

If you send payments frequently, for example, it may be worth paying a monthly fee to get higher no-fee transaction limits, and reductions on the amount paid for processing.

Or, it may be better to pick a different service to send payments, if the costs of using Revolut don’t seem competitive for your specific transfer. Compare a few options, to see which works best for you, and to help you get value for money.

How do Revolut’s international transfer fees compare with other financial service providers?

Doing some research is key to finding the right international transfer provider for your needs. Here are a few services you might want to compare against Revolut:

WiseOpen a multi-currency account online or in app, spend payments to 160+ countries from 0.43%²
Western Union®Personal and business services available, with variable fees and exchange rates based on destination
Xoom®PayPal company offering international payments globally - exchange rates can include a markup, but worth comparing for speed and convenience

Revolut international transfer fees can include more than one type of charge, which can make them a bit confusing to unpick.

However, you’ll be shown everything you need to know about your specific payment when you set it up in the Revolut app - and even with some fees applied, Revolut is often better value than other services which hike up exchange rates and add extra fees.

Compare Revolut against a few other options, like Wise, to see which works best for your specific needs.

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*Please see terms of use and product availability for your region or visit Wise fees and pricing for the most up to date pricing and fee information.

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