N26 and TransferWise join forces


Today, we're excited to announce that N26, the Berlin based mobile bank, has joined the TransferWise revolution.

This, our second partnership in 2016, means that N26 users will be able to take advantage of TransferWise's fast, fair overseas transfers - from within the N26 experience.

N26 was founded in 2015, and allows its customers to open a bank account in just 8 minutes. At just one year old, N26 already has 100,000 customers across Europe - united by their recognition that technology can enable better banking.

Transfers will be possible from Euros into multiple currencies. Find out more here.

The updated N26 apps, with TransferWise built in, are available today on iOS and Android.

A common goal

N26 and TransferWise share a common goal to provide a fair and transparent banking experience for consumers, without any hidden charges and unnecessary hassle. N26 does this through a mobile-first focus and an emphasis on innovative features. TransferWise uses peer-to-peer technology to offer a fairer and easier way to transfer money abroad.

TransferWise founder Taavet:

"We want to make it as easy and fair as possible for people who need to send money abroad, so we’re very excited that N26 customers can now access the TransferWise experience without leaving their banking app. This is a great step towards consumers having a wider choice of financial service providers and getting the best service for them."

TransferWise API Technology

Alongside our partnership with LHV, this marks the launch the TransferWise FinTech API. This means we'll partner with additional modern banks, messaging applications, marketplaces, and mobile carriers to seamlessly integrate fair and transparent pricing into their core products.

If you’re interested in discussing a partnership with TransferWise, get in touch.

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