Reflections of the first week

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Its been a loooong week. And a very exciting one.

So as you know, we launched the service on Monday. The biggest part of our launch was a post from Steve O'Hear at TechCrunch Europe.

Feels good to start our journey being called "the Skype of currency exchange". This sets us a great overarching goal! We also received a huge amount of positive feedback from our users.

Thank you for that! And even more important, we had lots of users try out the service - we saw people exchange money in the UK (exchange between own accounts) and transfer between UK and France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Ireland, Belgium.

Average transaction amount was almost 1000 which is great. We will be improving our service based on the feedback we've received - making the service even simpler to use is very important to us.

Most commonly asked question from users was when will we support additional currencies. Most people asked about USD and CHF. But we also got questions about South African Rand and Canadian dollars amongst others.

We are busy looking into how can we make our service available in more countries. Swiss Frank and US Dollar are the two that we have on top of our priorities list.

Thank you everyone, thanks for putting trust in us and using Wise.

Wise is the smart, new way to send money abroad.

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