A look at Indonesians living in the U.S.


###More than 90,000 Indonesian expats call the U.S. their new home

####Where are they now?
New York City is home to the highest number of Indonesian expats in the country.

However, the city of Monterey Park, California, is where you are most likely to run into one. This city has the highest concentration of Indonesian expats relative to the city's population.

####Trump has more followers on social media than Hillary
By analyzing aggregated social media interests data from the 90,833 Indonesian expats living in the U.S. we were able to find out just who and what, the Indonesians prefer to follow online.

When it comes to political figures in the U.S., the data tells us that President Barack Obama is one of the most popular. He has over 16,000 likes from the Indonesians. That said, Republican Party candidate Donald Trump also has 16,000 online followers. By comparison, Hillary Clinton, has just over 1,000 social media likes from Indonesian expats.

####Income and exchange rates
A interesting data point we gathered from the U.S. Census is that on average, Indonesian expats living in the U.S. are making almost $90,000 (1,172,602,703 Rp) a year. That's on average higher than what they would make back in Indonesia (191,192,256 Rp).

Watch out though: many expats are still paying too much when they send money internationally because of the bad exchange rates banks use when they convert your money. See what Bloomberg has to say about this.

####Take a look below to see what else we found out.

All behavior and interests data was obtained by analyzing social media trends and likes. Rankings are based on social media followings and do not reflect the political views of the entire Indonesian expat community.

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