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Hubstaff is a time-tracking platform for international companies that helps teams to be more productive. Over 9,000 global teams use the service on a daily basis and now thanks to the integration with the Wise API, Hubstaff can pay their employees abroad with low fees and no hidden costs in the exchange rate. We had a chat with Hubstaff’s CEO, Dave Nevogt, to understand more about how the company works.


Founded in 2012, Hubstaff was created to solve the problem of remote working for international businesses. Living in different countries across wildly varying time-zones, but working on the same projects is tricky, so Hubstaff wanted to make the workflow of distributed companies smoother. Now, seven years later, their platform helps companies from all around the world manage their teams’ work better. Hubstaff’s own team works remotely too, so they also get to enjoy the benefits.

Dave explains Hubstaff’s key features; “Today, around 9,000 companies and teams are using Hubstaff to keep track of their work. Teams can schedule their shifts, track real working hours and get paid accordingly, all in one place.”

To help teams follow the projects they are working on, Hubstaff has integrated several project management solutions like Jira and Trello. This way, every team member can see what their colleagues are working on and how much time different tasks are taking.


Working across borders and currencies

While Hubstaff offers a much needed solution for global companies, the issue of payroll remained a problem, as it’s often connected to a single country. Those working overseas get paid in a different currency, and for the past two and a half years, Hubstaff’s clients have been able to use Wise to pay their employees abroad.

Dave says, “I had been using Wise myself already for a long time, but we integrated Wise into Hubstaff because our customers asked for it. We talk to our customers a lot and that was one of their wishes.”

It quickly proved to be a great addition to the platform, Dave continues, “Although we like Wise because it’s easy to use and reliable, the main reason we like it is because our customers like it. It has lower fees and it’s always transparent. And we want what’s best for the people who use us.”

The Wise Business open API offers an easy and automated payment method, making sure that salaries paid via Hubstaff get transferred fast, always using the real mid-market exchange rate. And most importantly, without any hidden fees.

Dave also enjoys that there’s no hassle around the payments. “As a business owner using Hubstaff, I only have to set up Wise as a payment method for a specific person and that’s it! Everything else is automated. It’s a lot easier than with other companies.”

“We have integrated a few international payments options in our platform and out of these, Wise is by far the easiest to work with. The main thing that is different between Wise and other payment methods is that Wise feels more transparent. I can talk to people, I understand the fees, I have more faith that things will get done.”

For more information about Hubstaff, and what they do, check out their website at:

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