How to close a Chime account safely? Complete guide [2024]

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Chime¹ is a financial technology company which offers a range of services such as accounts, secured credit cards and overdrafts. If you’ve decided to close your account and want to delete your Chime account, you’ll need to:

  1. Unlink any accounts you have associated with Chime
  2. Check you have a zero balance in your Chime account
  3. Send an email to Chime (
  4. Call the Chime customer service team to follow up and confirm the closure

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How do I delete my Chime account? Step-by-step

Let’s get started with the key question: how to delete a Chime account safely and with the least possible hassle?

It’s important to start by saying that you can’t just close your Chime account automatically. You’ll have to get in touch with Chime directly and have Chime delete your account centrally.

Although Chime is a financial technology company rather than a bank or online bank, the process for closing your account is fairly similar to shutting a normal bank account. Here’s the step-by-step process for deleting your account with Chime.

1. Unlink any accounts you have associated with Chime

Make sure no other accounts or direct debits are linked to your Chime account - this may include subscriptions you’ve signed up for, or regular payments you make to transfer money automatically, for example.

Regular payments can still be live even if you have an inactive account with Chime, so it’s worth double-checking there are none you’ve forgotten about before you start the account closure process.

2.. Check your Chime account balance

Check your account does not have a negative balance or any pending transactions. Before you cancel a Chime account, you’ll need to make sure any card payments you’ve made have gone through - these may take a day or two to settle.

This is also where unhooking other accounts and regular payments is important. If you try to close your account, but there are payments pending, the closure request will be delayed or canceled.

3. Send an email to Chime Support

Once you’re confident your account is in good standing and doesn’t have a negative balance, email to ask for account closure. You’ll have to confirm your name and account number when you ask to cancel your Chime account.

4. Call the Chime customer service team to follow up

To be on the safe side, you’ll want to follow up with Chime to make sure your account has actually been closed. This will ensure no unexpected payments can be deducted, and should prevent extra fees or nasty surprises. Once you’re sure your account has been closed fully, you can go ahead and delete the Chime app from your mobile device.

Is there a fee for closing a Chime account?

There’s no Chime fee to close your account. If your account has a negative you’ll have to pay the difference before you’ll be able to successfully shut your Chime account.

Why can’t I delete my Chime account?

If you’re struggling to close your Chime account, it’s worth contacting Chime support to find out more. It may be that there are pending fees, a negative balance or card transactions which haven’t gone through yet. Until these have settled, your Chime account can’t be fully closed down.

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Close other accounts related to a Chime account

Before you move away from Chime, you may also need to close down prearranged payments, cancel pending transactions and block your Chime card.

Canceling your prearranged payments and subscriptions can be done using your phone or online Chime service, although you may need to go through each payment one by one and confirm you want to stop it. Don’t forget to rearrange payments you want to continue with, by setting them up with your new bank or alternative payment account.

To cancel a pending payment, you’ll need to log into your Chime account and select the specific transfer from your activity page. If the transfer has not yet been made, you’ll be able to cancel it here. Blocking your Chime card can also be done most conveniently online or in the Chime app.

Bottom line

Chime accounts can offer a great range of services, especially to underserved people who may not be able to get credit or accounts from mainstream banks. However, Chime isn’t right for everyone.

If you have an inactive account or have decided to switch, you’ll need to withdraw your funds, cancel any transactions that are prearranged, and email to close your Chime account. It’s not a tricky process, but it’s a good idea to follow up with Chime to make sure your account has been fully closed and to prevent any future payment issues.


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All sources checked on 27 January 2022

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