How to change language on Amazon? (App or Website)

Adam Rozsa

The good news is that you should find it quick and easy to change language on Amazon, whether on the website or the app. But to help you get started, we’ve put together a handy guide covering all the basics you need to know.

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Are you using the right Amazon site?

The first thing to check is if you’re on the right Amazon site for your location. Amazon operates in multiple countries worldwide, and has a number of country-specific sites. These include:

  • (Australia)
  • (France)
  • (Japan)
  • (Turkey)
  • (Saudi Arabia).

If you’re having trouble with the language on the Amazon website, you could be on the wrong country-specific site. You can find and navigate to your local Amazon site here. You’ll need to just check that this is the same website you originally set up your Amazon account on.

How to change the language on the Amazon website

It’s pretty straightforward to change the language settings on the Amazon website. Simply follow these steps²:

  1. Go to the Amazon website and log in to your account
  2. Find the Flag icon at the top of the page (this is usually to the right of the search box). Click on it or hover over it to see options for changing your preferred language.
  3. Select your preferred language (if available)
  4. Save your changes.

And that’s it! All Amazon pages should now be displaying in your language.

How to change the language on the Amazon app

If you shop using the Amazon mobile app and are having issues with the language, here’s how to change it. Simply follow these few steps³:

  1. Open the Amazon app on your phone or other device
  2. Tap the three-line menu button
  3. Tap ‘Settings’
  4. Select ‘Country & Language’
  5. Choose your preferred language (if available).

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