Can you use Google Pay at ATMs?

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In some cases, it is possible to withdraw cash from an ATM using Google Pay®¹ if the ATM supports contactless payments. However, this feature may not be available at all ATMs or in all countries.

This guide covers all you need to know, including a quick look at how to use Google Pay and Wise to cut the costs of transacting internationally.


Can you withdraw money from an ATM without a card?

In some cases you can withdraw cash from an ATM without your card, if that ATM supports contactless withdrawals, and you have an app like Google Pay set up. However, this is relatively recent technology, so not all ATMs support this service just yet.

How to withdraw money from an ATM with Google Pay?

If you have Google Pay set up, and you find a contactless ATM, making a withdrawal is simple. Here’s how to make a Google Pay ATM withdrawal step by step:

  1. Open Google Pay on your smart device
  2. Hold the device close to the contactless symbol on the ATM, and activate Google Pay with your PIN, fingerprint or Face ID
  3. Enter your Pin into the ATM when prompted
  4. Confirm the amount you want to withdraw
  5. Your money will be dispensed

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What banks accept Google Pay?

Most major US banks and credit unions have card options which are compatible with mobile payment apps like Google Pay. However, not every card from every bank has this feature, so you’ll need to talk to your preferred bank to understand what’s available on your specific account.

Once you have a card which is Google Pay compatible, you’ll need to locate an ATM which offers contactless withdrawals. Again, many major banks do have ATMs which have this service - but it’s not universal, so you may find some ATMs can’t offer Google Pay withdrawals. We’ll take a look at some which do, next.

In the US

Within the Google Pay app you’ll be able to search for Google Pay near me, which offers the option to filter based on payment type. Use this service to find an ATM with Google Pay close by easily. Here are a few major US banks which offer ATMs you can make Google Pay withdrawals from:

  • Bank of America²
  • Wells Fargo³
  • Chase⁴

If you’re a PNC customer, it may also help to know that although PNC ATMs may not support Google Pay withdrawals, you can make card free withdrawals by getting a one time passcode through your online banking service⁵.

When going abroad

Contactless payments in general are far more common in some countries than others - so whether you’re able to make contactless payments or withdrawals with Google Pay will depend on where you’re headed.

Adoption of contactless technology is common in major European countries, although the rate of use varies. In the UK, about 16% of ATMs support contactless withdrawals⁶, considered to be an established market for this technology. Other countries, particularly in Northern Europe, as well as countries like Poland⁷, are leading the way in introducing this technology as part of the move to a cashless society. Other countries - such as Japan for example - use card payments far less frequently, and as such contactless transactions of all types are less common.

Bottom line

Google Pay is a very useful way to make mobile payments when you’re out and about. Where you can find a contactless ATM, you can also make cash withdrawals with Google Pay, so you don’t need to carry your card with you at all. Contactless ATMs are becoming more common, but not all banks have implemented this technology as yet, so the availability of contactless withdrawals will simply depend on the options where you happen to be.

And don’t forget, whether you’re at home or abroad, you can use your Wise account with Google Pay to spend conveniently, and make contactless withdrawals where card free ATMs are available, with no foreign transaction fees when you’re converting currencies.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I get cash from an ATM with my phone?

If you have a payment app like Google Pay or Apple Pay®, you can make contactless cash withdrawals where the ATM supports this payment type. However, not all ATMs can offer contactless withdrawals, so you’ll need to check out the options wherever you happen to be.

Can I use Google Pay at Wells Fargo ATM?

Yes. Once you have set up Google Pay, you can usually use it to make contactless ATM withdrawals at a Wells Fargo ATM.


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