A look at Europeans living in the U.S. - Part one


Wise researched the behaviors and interests of some of the largest European groups currently living in the U.S. Here's what we uncovered:

####The British are here!
On part one of this infographic series on Europeans living in the U.S., we focused on six different nationalities. Out of those, we found that British expats are the largest group of Europeans according to the U.S. Census of 2015. About 683,000 Brits reside in the country. This means that are nearly 1.5x more Brits than French, Irish, Spanish, and Dutch expats combined. The only ones who come close to the Brits are German expats. They number nearly 585,000 in total.

####Meet a French or Spanish expat in Miami Beach, an Irish in Boston and a Dutch in Seattle
These are the cities where there is a higher concentration of expats relative to the city's population.

Interestingly, the place where you are most likely to run into a German expat, is the city of Lawton, Oklahoma. And for the Brits its the independent city of Portsmouth, Virginia.

####Trump also triumphs in social media
By aggregating anonymous data from the thousands of six Europeans groups we looked into, we were able to determine just who are the top politicians, celebrities and sports teams they follow on social media.

When looking at American politicians, the current President of the U.S., Barack Obama, soars over all with 140,000 social media likes. As fas as the candidates for the 2016 election, the now President-elect Donald Trump, proves to be almost 3 times more popular in social media than Hillary Clinton. This isn't necessarily a reflection of who they'd vote for, of course, rather it shows how many people follow them on social media.

####Income and exchange rates
Another interesting data point we were able to gather from the U.S. Census, is the annual household income from each of these expat groups. Comparing their income now to their previous one, proves that their are making more money every year than they would have back home.

Watch out though: many expats are still paying too much when they send money internationally because of the bad exchange rates banks use when they convert your money. See what Bloomberg has to say about this.

####Take a look below at what else we found!

All data was obtained by analyzing aggregated and anonymous social media data, trends and likes. Rankings are based on social media followings and do not reflect the views of any of any expat community in its entirety.

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