Essential Apps for Expats in Prague


So you decided to make the move to Prague, congratulations!

To help you settle into your new home we’ve got 11 top mobile apps that will make it a breeze.

Whether learning a language, finding groceries, getting around the city or the top places to discover, this list has got you covered:


Struggling with the language? Duolingo can help.

This great app makes learning a new language (or improving your language skills) super easy. And if it’s not the one for you, check out our blog on the best language learning apps here.

Duolingo is available for iPhone and Android.

Jízdní rády IDOS (Journey Planner)

The ultimate app for finding train, bus and tram connections (including European long-distance trains) between cities or villages.

Enter your origin and destination, including the day of the week and time you’re travelling and it will find you the shortest ride. However the app is only in Czech so you will need to learn some to use this app.

You can download the app on Android or iPhone.

Like a Local

With hundreds of tips written by locals living in Prague, Like a Local is an essential app for discovering and finding top places for a range of services including nightlife, restaurants, shopping, sleeping and things to do.

Download here on Android or iPhone.



So maybe you don’t want to take public transport and prefer to take a taxi.

If so this awesome app has you covered. Liftago helps you find and order taxis based on your location. It connects passengers with drivers of vehicles for hire.

Available on Android and iPhone.


Okay so you don’t just need directions, tram routes, restaurants and bars, you also need to search for nearby businesses and stores.

Yelp is great to find those local to you with a plethora of user reviews to help you make the best choice.

You can get the app on Android or iPhone.


The beauty of Airbnb is that you can find accommodation living with locals, like a local.

So whether you are staying as a tourist or living as an expat, you can find non-hotel accommodation that suits you. You can use the app to find last minute accommodation or something longer term.

Available on Android and iPhone.


Fripito is a virtual travel-photo-guide with a strong community made by photographers for fans of photography.

With their Inspiration Guide, you’ll learn things ordinary visitors haven’t yet discovered.

You can get the app on Android or iPhone.

Beer Guide Prague

The Czechs are well known for their fantastic beer.

Whether a tourist or expat, seeking out the top places to sample the local beer and the history behind them is a must. Luckily for beer lovers, there is an app where you can discover these pubs. It shows you how to get there, the pub’s features, Twitter feed, other local pubs and even what tram lines you can use to get there!

Available on Android and iPhone


Don’t fancy cooking at home? Well with this app from DameJido you can order food direct to your home from participating restaurants. Just enter your address, pick your restaurant and wait while a courier delivers your food. Simple!

You can download the app on Android or iPhone.

And finally... Wise

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