Countries that offer digital nomad visas

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If you’re a location independent professional, remote worker or digital nomad you may be wondering: what kind of visa does a digital nomad need?

Quite a few countries around the world offer digital nomad visa programs which can suit freelancers, business owners and anyone working fully remotely with no tie to a specific location. Rules, processes and fees do vary widely — but if you’re intrigued, check out this full guide to countries with digital nomad visas in 2023.

We’ll also touch on how a Wise Account can help you manage your money across borders for less, to make digital nomad life that bit easier.


What is a digital nomad visa?

As more and more of us can work remotely from anywhere with a decent internet connection, a range of countries have adopted digital nomad or remote worker visas as a way of enticing location independent professionals to relocate for anything from a few months to several years.

Different schemes have their own processes and rules including application costs and minimum earning requirements to ensure digital nomads can support themselves adequately. These schemes also have a pretty broad range of names — check out our list of countries offering a digital nomad visa, coming up later, to learn more.

What's the difference between a digital nomad and a remote worker?

Remote workers can work outside of the office, usually online. However they may not be ‘location independent’ as they may need to remain close to their employer, or be based in a set country.

Digital nomads are remote workers who can work from anywhere. In some cases they’re freelancers or business owners, or they may just have an employer with very flexible location expectations.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a digital nomad?

Not sure if becoming a digital nomad will work for you? Here are a few advantages and disadvantages to consider.

✅ Pros❌ Cons
  • Live and work in different locations to experience new places

  • Benefit from global arbitrage by being based somewhere with a low cost of living and earning in a higher paying country

  • Travel on your own or with family

  • Some countries offer low or no income tax for digital nomad visa holders 

  • Work for yourself, freelance for multiple clients, or for a single employer depending on your preferences 

  • Visa application fees apply

  • Costs of relocation, including medical and travel insurance can be high

  • You’ll often need to prove a minimum income to be eligible 

  • Digital nomad visas tend to run for a year or two at most

  • You’ll need to manage your money — and your tax obligations — across multiple countries

  • Suits some work types better than others

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Which countries offer a digital nomad visa?

Let’s work through the key countries around the world offering digital nomad visas, one by one.

This is a pretty comprehensive list of countries with remote worker visas available to US citizens at the time of writing — but there are more opportunities opening up day by day, so keep your eyes open for new visa options being announced in future.

Spain — for example — announced its intention to offer a digital nomad visa in 2021, which is likely to launch late in 2022 — learn more about the planned Spain digital nomad visa.

Anguilla (British Caribbean)


Anguilla is 30 square miles of Caribbean paradise, with 35 beaches to choose from and a laid back vibe. The Anguilla digital nomad visa allows remote workers and their families to stay for up to a year.

Anguilla (British Caribbean)¹
Digital nomad visa fee2,000 USD per individual
Visa validity period91 days to 12 months
Minimum salary or savingsNot specified — proof of employment or student status is needed, though
Other important information

For individuals, students and families

To apply you’ll need proof of employment or business incorporation, plus criminal record checks for all adults

Antigua and Barbuda


If you’re looking for a beach location with options for sailing, kayaking and adventure sports, alongside great food, Antigua and Barbuda might suit you. Apply for a stay of up to 2 years — although you may never want to leave.

Antigua and Barbuda²
Digital nomad visa fee1,500 USD for a single applicant
Visa validity periodUp to 2 years
Minimum salary or savings50,000 USD minimum salary needed
Other important information

Family applications welcomed

Criminal record checks required



You’re pretty much spoiled for choice if you've got a digital nomad visa for the Bahamas (the visa program is also known as BEATS).

Pick your perfect island or move around while you’re there — it’s hard to go wrong with great beaches, fabulous food and strong infrastructure throughout.

Digital nomad visa fee1,000 USD plus a low application fee
Visa validity periodUp to a year
Minimum salary or savingsNot specified — however proof of employment or remote student status is needed
Other important informationAvailable to work or study remotely



The Barbados digital nomad visa is called the Welcome Stamp. Apply for you and your family to stay for up to a year, and you’ll enjoy no local tax on income, as well as a great quality of life.

Digital nomad visa fee2,000 USD
Visa validity period12 months — reapplication is offered if you want to stay longer
Minimum salary or savings50,000 USD minimum expected income
Other important information

You won’t be liable for Barbados income tax

Applications only take about 7 days to process



Bermuda’s digital nomad visa is called the Work from Bermuda certificate, and allows holders to work for up to a year. There’s no income tax to pay in Bermuda, and no predefined minimum salary or saving requirement.

Digital nomad visa fee263 USD
Visa validity periodUp to 12 months — some renewals are allowed on a case by case basis
Minimum salary or savingsNor specified — but you’ll need to prove you have sufficient employment or savings to support yourself based on your circumstances
Other important information

Applications are made entirely online and assessed within just a few days

Criminal records checks are needed

Cape Verde


Cape Verde, or Cabo Verde, became independent from Portugal in 1975, and offers a unique blend of culture, with friendly people, wall to wall sunshine and great food.

It’s also a popular outdoor activity destination, particularly for kitesurfing — not a bad way to unwind after a day at the desk.

Cape Verde⁶
Digital nomad visa fee20 EUR (around 20 USD) visa fee + 34 EUR (around 34 USD) airport fee
Visa validity period6 months initially, with the option to extend for another 6 months
Minimum salary or savings1,500 EUR (around 1,500 USD) average bank balance for the previous 6 months for an individual applicant
Other important information

You’ll need to have adequate travel and health insurance as part of your application

Processing time usually about 2 weeks

Cayman Islands


The digital nomad visa for the Cayman Islands is called the Global Citizen Concierge and is one of the visas aimed at higher wealth individuals. Minimum salary or income requirements are pretty high, at 100,000 USD per year.

Cayman Islands⁷
Digital nomad visa fee1,469 USD for 2 people + 7% credit card processing fee
Visa validity periodUp to 2 years
Minimum salary or savings100,000 USD per year
Other important informationYou’ll need quite a few documents to apply, including a proof you have a legally recognized employer

Costa Rica


Costa Rica is a popular destination for many from the US, for remote work or retirement.

There are a few different ways a digital nomad can arrange a visa — basically you’ll need to select the temporary residence permit option which matches your income type.

Look out for the Rentista option, as this is commonly used by digital nomad applicants.

Costa Rica⁸
Digital nomad visa fee50 USD
Visa validity periodVaries
Minimum salary or savings2,500 USD monthly income required
Other important informationYou  may need to apply for this visa in person at your local embassy or consulate



Croatia offers a visa for remote workers which you can either apply for from outside of the country via a consulate, or once you’re in Croatia via a local police station.

The requirements are pretty strict, but if you’re successful you can stay in beautiful Croatia for up to a year.

Digital nomad visa feeVaries based on the way you submit your application
Visa validity periodUp to 12 months
Minimum salary or savings17,822.50 HRK/month (about 2,350 USD)
Other important informationReapplications are not allowed for 6 months after your visa runs out



The Curaçao digital visa program, @HOME in Curaçao lets remote workers, along with snowbirds and investors, stay for 6 months at a time in the country.

If you’re there as a remote worker you’ll need to prove you’ve got employment to pay your way.

Digital nomad visa fee294 USD
Visa validity period6 months initially, with the option to extend or convert to another visa category
Minimum salary or savingsNot specified — but you’ll need to prove employment
Other important informationThis visa type can also be used by individuals looking to stay seasonally in the country, or investors there



English speaking Dominica offers plenty of beautiful nature to relax in, and a digital nomad visa called WIN (work in nature).

Apply for up to an 18 month stay — you’ll be able to get a local 1 year driving license, and if you’re traveling with family, kids can even enroll in a local school.

Digital nomad visa fee800 USD for an individual
Visa validity periodUp to 18 months
Minimum salary or savings50,000 USD/annual income
Other important informationNo Dominican income tax is payable, and dependents can apply



Estonia offers digital nomads fascinating history in Tallinn, clean air, forests to hike in, long summer nights, and cozy winter celebrations.

Whether you fancy experiencing midsummer in the far north, or want to visit the Christmas market to get the winter vibe, you can do this on your digital nomad visa while being at the heart of Europe’s startup scene.

Digital nomad visa fee80 EUR - 100 EUR depending on how long you want to stay (about 80 USD to 100 USD)
Visa validity periodUp to a year
Minimum salary or savings3,504 EUR/month minimum income (about 3,500 USD)
Other important informationApply via your Estonian embassy, or once you’re legally in the country already if that’s easier



Remotely from Georgia is Georgia’s remote worker’s visa, which was launched after reopening from the covid pandemic. It’s not really a specific new visa category, rather a way of gaining a visa for up to 12 months to live and work here.

Digital nomad visa feeNot specified
Visa validity periodUp to a year
Minimum salary or savingsNot specified
Other important informationGeorgia’s program isn’t a specific visa type — more a specific application process which allows you to have approved entry for up to a year for remote work



Germany’s freelancer visa could be an option if you’re hoping to work there as a digital nomad. This isn’t available to all types of work though, so you’ll need to read the details carefully — and collect a pretty wide ranging set of paperwork, too.

Digital nomad visa fee60 EUR (around 60 USD) for a freelancer visa, up to 260 EUR (around 260 USD) if you intend to settle in Germany
Visa validity periodVaries
Minimum salary or savingsNot specified — but you’ll need to prove adequate income or savings based on your situation
Other important informationThe documents needed are pretty extensive, and anyone over 45 will also need to prove they have an adequate pension plan



Iceland is a dream destination for anyone looking for dramatic scenery and fun people. It’s not cheap, and the income you’ll need to get this visa is pretty high to reflect that — but it could be a once in a lifetime experience.

Digital nomad visa fee12,00 ISK (about 85 USD)
Visa validity periodUp to 6 months in most cases
Minimum salary or savings1,000,000 ISK/month (about 7,000 USD)
Other important informationYou may be issued a visa for a shorter time if you’ve been in Iceland or the Schengen area prior to applying



If you’re looking for a place you can explore and enjoy, with some great sun and historical sites, Malta might be the one for you. Apply online for a visa for up to a year, which can be renewed if you really fall in love with the place.

Digital nomad visa fee300 EUR (about 300 USD)
Visa validity periodUp to 1 year, renewals are offered subject to eligibility
Minimum salary or savings32,400 EUR/year (about 32,400 USD)
Other important informationApplications can be made online



Mauritius offers its Premium Visa to digital nomads and remote workers, for up to a year, with renewals offered on a case by case basis.

You’ll have to show you have full travel and health insurance and meet basic immigration requirements, but there’s no specific visa fee to pay.

Digital nomad visa feeNo fee
Visa validity periodUp to a year, renewable
Minimum salary or savingsNot specified
Other important informationNo visa fees apply, but you’ll need to arrange your accommodation before you arrive in Mauritius



Montserrat has The Stamp as their digital nomad visa program. Visas are offered for up to a year, for applicants who have an annual income of 70,000 USD or more.

It’s worth noting that while many digital nomad visas are issued based on proof of regular income, this one requires you to have contracts in place with freelance clients if that’s where you expect your money to come from.

Digital nomad visa fee500 USD
Visa validity periodUp to 1 year
Minimum salary or savings70,000 USD/year
Other important informationIf you’re a freelancer your work must be covered by contracts to prove its reliable



With a low cost of living and perfect climate, Portugal is a popular destination for vacations — but can also be a great place to work remotely.

There are several different short term visa types depending on how long you want to stay, and where your income is coming from.

Digital nomad visa feeVaries
Visa validity period3 months to 1 year for temporary visas, residence visas may be available for longer stays
Minimum salary or savingsVaries based on visa type
Other important informationPortugal has a few different visa options depending on your situation — the D7 Visa is one commonly recommended for digital nomads



The Seychelles offers a Workation program aimed at digital nomads and people with independent income. Get your visa arranged well in advance, with a stay of up to 12 months offered depending on your needs.

Digital nomad visa fee45 EUR (about 45 USD)
Visa validity period1 to 12 months
Minimum salary or savingsProof of wealth or income is required, based on your situation
Other important informationApply at least 60 days before you intend to travel

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Use this guide to pick out your dream remote work destinations — and have fun relaxing on the beach after work, learning about new cultures after a day at a desk, and making new friends along the way.


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  17. Mauritius - Digital nomad visa
  18. Montserrat - Digital nomad visa
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  20. Seychelles - Digital nomad visa

Sources checked on 10.11.2022

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