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Chime®¹ is a popular banking app which has a good selection of low cost services including checking and saving accounts and the Chime card. But can you send a Chime international wire transfer?

There are some transfer limitations when it comes to using your Chime account directly. However, the good news is that you can still arrange a Chime international transfer through a third party service like Wise.

This guide walks through how Chime transfers work, and how Wise can help you send money to 70+ countries with the mid-market exchange rate and low, transparent fees².


Can you send money abroad with Chime?

You cannot send a Chime wire transfer³ or a Chime international transfer⁴ directly from your Chime account. Instead, if you need to send money abroad with Chime, the Chime help center suggests you use a third party service.

Recently on social media, Chime has suggested Wise as a good option for your international payments⁵ - we’ll look more at this later.

How does Chime international transfer work?

As we’ve seen, you can’t send a Chime international transfer without using a third party service.

However, sending a payment with a third party provider like Wise, and paying with Chime is actually pretty easy.

Each service has a slightly different process to follow, but you can usually arrange your transfer online or through an app - so you don’t even need to leave home.

To give an idea, let’s look at how to send a payment with Wise:
  1. Open the Wise desktop site or app

  2. Register an account with your email address, Facebook®, Apple® or Google® ID

  3. Get verified by uploading an image of your ID and address document*

  4. Set up your transfer online or in app, by entering the amount you want to send, or the amount and currency to be received

  5. Check the payment options and fees and select how you want to pay

  6. Follow the prompts to add your recipient’s information

  7. Check, fund the payment, and your money is on the way

*Wise may request additional documents to verify a customer's identity

Because you’ll be able to pay for your international transfer from your US bank account or using a card, you can simply choose to pay with Chime to move your money conveniently.

You’ll send the provider a local transfer in USD with Chime, and they’ll then dispatch your money to your recipient overseas.

Are there any limitations or restrictions on using Chime for international transfers?

As you can’t send a Chime international payment directly from your account, you’ll need to pick a third party provider.

While each provider will have its own rules and restrictions, they’re usually pretty straightforward to use, with high transfer limits and low fees. Compare a few third party services to see which suits your specific needs.

Benefits of and disadvantages of transferring money abroad with Chime

✅ Pros❌ Cons
  • Sending a payment with a third party provider is usually pretty easy and cheap

  • You can shop around and pick from different third party services

  • Transfer options may include bank and mobile money deposits, or cash collection

  • You can’t send a payment overseas directly with Chime - you need to use a third party

Make low cost international transfers with Wise

Another smart option if you’re sending money overseas. Meet Wise.

Register a Wise account online or in the Wise app, and send digital payments from your bank account to 70+ countries, with the mid-market exchange rate and low, transparent fees.

Wise always shows you the amount you’re paying and how much your recipient will get — and you can even compare against other providers on the Wise app or desktop site. If another service is cheaper for your particular payment, you’ll be shown — so you can’t lose.

Send money abroad with Wise

See how Wise compares with international bank transfers in our full guide

Please see Terms of Use for your region or visit Wise Fees & Pricing for the most up to date pricing and fee information

Chime international transfer fees and costs

The costs of sending a payment overseas with Chime through a third party provider will depend on the provider you pick.

If you choose to make your transfer with Wise, for example, you’ll be able to get your money moving with a fee that can be as low as 0.43% of the transfer value2.

Does Chime charge international transfer fees?

Chime does not offer direct international transfers. If you make an international transfer with Chime, you’ll use a third party provider. Third party providers set their own fees, which can work out to be cheaper overall compared to using a bank’s international wire service.

What's Chime's exchange rate?

When you send a payment overseas with Chime and a third party provider, the rate will be set by the provider you select.

If you’re using your Chime card to spend overseas, your purchase value will be converted back to USD using the exchange rate set by the card network, with no Chime foreign transaction fee.

FAQs: Chime international transfer

Before we go: a few more common questions and answers about using Chime internationally.

Can you use your Chime card outside of the US?

Yes. You can use your Chime card outside of the US anywhere the card network is accepted. There’s no Chime foreign transaction fee and your purchase will be converted back to USD using the network exchange rate.

The only cost to bear in mind is that Chime has a 2.5 USD fee for an out of network ATM withdrawal, which is likely to apply whenever you’re abroad⁶.

Is Chime secure for international transfers?

Chime is a secure choice which provides its card and banking services through reputable partners in the US.

When you pick a third party provider for your international transfer ensure they’re properly licensed and regulated, and have good reviews online - so you’ll know your money is safe and you can get help easily should you need it.

What are the limits for international transfers with Chime?

The limits when sending a Chime international transfer are likely to be set by the third party you select. Different services have their own payment limits which may also vary based on where you’re sending money to and how you want to pay.

You can’t send a Chime international transfer directly with the Chime app - but you can conveniently send a payment overseas with a third party, and pay with your Chime card or with a local Chime bank transfer. Check out popular, safe and low cost third party payment services like Wise to find the one that suits you best.


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