Can I open a joint account with Wise?

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Wondering if you can open a joint Wise Account for yourself and a family member? We’ve got all the information you need right here.

Can you open a joint account with Wise?

Wise offers low cost international transfers, as well as the multi-currency Wise Account for individuals and businesses.

Personal Wise Accounts can not be opened in joint names — but you can use a joint bank account to fund a Wise transfer. Read on for more about how that works.

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Can you send money from a joint account through Wise?

You can fund a Wise transfer, or add money to a Wise Balance, from a joint account, as long as¹:

a) You’re one of the named account holders

b) Your name on the account is the same as the name on your Wise account

You’ll also need to enter the name of the other joint account holder, so that the account you’re paying from can be properly identified as a joint account.

Occasionally, Wise may also need to request proof of your joint account, such as a screenshot of an account statement which shows your name and the account details.

These security steps and verifications are in place to comply with US and global financial legislation, and to make sure your account and money are protected.

Can you add your partner to your Wise account?

You can not add a partner to your Wise account. However, if you need assistance to manage your Wise account you can contact Wise customer service to check if you’re eligible to have an account helper.

Wise won’t share customer information unless there’s a specific requirement to do so. If you need to get information about a Wise account for legal reasons — for example, if you have a power of attorney or if you’re representing the interests of a deceased customer, you can contact Wise to understand your options².

Do both sender and recipient need a Wise Account to send and receive money?

When you send a payment with Wise the money is deposited directly into the recipient’s bank account in the currency you select. That means the recipient doesn’t need a Wise Account to receive a payment through Wise.

The only time you’ll need a Wise Account to receive a payment is if you want to have funds deposited into a Wise Balance. Wise Accounts come with local bank details for up to 10 currencies, which makes this a convenient way to get paid by people and organizations in 30+ countries*.

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Wise Accounts can’t be opened in joint names — but you can use a joint account held with a bank or credit union to add money to Wise, and to send low-cost international transfers.

Use this guide to get you started — and don’t forget you can also reach out to Wise customer service online and through the Wise app if you have any further questions.


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