AAdvantage Aviator Business Card Review

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Business credit cards offer a lot of value, but it’s crucial to pick the right one.

Many banking institutions offer business credit cards, such as Barclays AAdvantage Aviator World Elite Business Mastercard.  

The Aviator business card provided by Barclays is in partnership with American Airlines, offering more value to AAdvantage, the American Airlines frequent flier program. 

This article will provide an overview of the card, as well as the advantages of using an elite business Mastercard such as the Barclays Aviator business card. 

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Aviator business card

Before looking at the AAdvantage Aviator World Elite Business Mastercard business credit card in more detail, it’s essential to understand the usage of a business card and what that entails. 

  • When applying for a business card, the submitted application must prove that it’s linked to a business.

  • Applications can be made as a sole proprietor or as an agent of the business, such as a partner or employee of a company.

  • The only usage for the card can be for business, not for personal or family reasons, so it’s important to consider what kinds of expenses you’re looking to put on the card and who will be using it. 

  • A business card helps manage general business expenses, but it can also help with travel. Business credit cards like the Barclays Aviator MasterCard are worth looking into if a lot of business travel is needed to gain maximum value from both flights and general purchases.

There are two scenarios where a card like the Aviator business card offers a lot of value for businesses:

  • If American Airlines is a preferred airline, then this card is excellent for optimizing travel and getting more miles to build up the frequent flier program.

  • The second scenario is if there’s an upcoming need for business travel, but there isn’t a preferred airline.

What is the Aviator Mastercard?

The AAdvantage aviator business MasterCard is one of the leading business cards in the United States. 

Permanent residents of the United States (except Puerto Rico) are eligible for the Barclays Aviator MasterCard with some exceptions. In certain instances, applicants who already have a credit card with Barclays may be ineligible.¹

It’s best to inquire directly, or read through the terms and conditions for the card to confirm eligibility requirements.

Aviator business card - Rewards

One of the significant benefits of the Barclays Aviator business card is, of course, the rewards! Instead of creating a single program, the business card reward program is divided between Barclays and American Airlines. 


But how does that actually work? 

Essentially, it means that Barclays takes over how the credit card functions, rules, and how account holders accumulate rewards as they make purchases on their business credit card. 

American Airlines then takes over some of the benefits under the AAdvantage® program.¹

The AAdvantage® program is American Airlines' frequent flier program, so rewards gained from the Barclays Aviator Business are converted into miles that cardholders can use with their program. 

The terms and conditions under which miles are collected and calculated are handled by American Airlines rather than Barclays. Their responsibility is to maintain the rewards side of the business card.

What rewards are available with the Barclays Aviator Mastercard?

The Aviator business card has several types of rewards available depending on the amount spent and the types of categories being spent. 

It’s always crucial to do a deep dive into a credit card's rewards and benefits before making a choice, to ensure it works for your business needs.

Think about what categories you can earn rewards on and whether that’s the kind of spending you anticipate using the business card for. 

The rewards offered by the AAdvantage Aviator Business MasterCard include:

Bonus miles

Limited-time offers usually include a high amount of bonus miles and statement credit (or some kind of combination thereof) if you spend a certain amount within the first three months of getting the card. 

These offers often rotate or expire after a specific time, so it’s another factor to double-check when evaluating business cards.

There’s also a 5% AAdvantage® mileage bonus that’s given on every account anniversary. It’s calculated based on the total number of miles earned since using the card.¹

Earn miles

You can earn 2X AAdvantage® miles through the following ways with the card:

  • For every dollar spent on eligible American Airlines purchases

  • For every dollar spent at eligible office supply, telecom, and car rental purchases

You can earn 1x AAdvantage® miles for every dollar spent on purchases outside the above categories.¹

Business community access

By using the Barclays Aviator business card, cardholders also gain access to various small business initiatives operated by the bank in partnership with local communities.

The programs include entrepreneurship training, development, investment, and other programs designed to accelerate small business growth.²

Aviator business card - Benefits³

Asides from the frequent flier rewards earned with the Aviator business card, there are other benefits too.

These benefits make domestic and international travel much easier for frequent travelers while earning rewards with American Airlines.


Free checked bag

The cardholder and up to four companions can get their first bag checked in for free on domestic flights operated by American Airlines.

Companion certificate

The companion certificate can be used by one guest for $99 and is issued each year after the account anniversary. However, this benefit is only available for business card spending over $30,000 on eligible purchases.

Faster boarding

Business cardholders and up to four companions can get preferred boarding when traveling on flights operated by American Airlines.

Faster way to earn AAdvantage® Status

The Barclays Aviator MasterCard offers the opportunity to earn AAdvantage® Status much quicker since miles aren’t earned just from flying but also from regular business purchases. 

Earn statement credit

Cardholders receive a 25% statement credit for any food and beverage purchased through the card on American Airlines operated flights, allowing for more savings.

No foreign transaction fees

There is no need to worry about expensive charges and high fees when making international purchases.

Complimentary employee cards

Business credit cards can be issued for employees as well, which makes earning miles even faster with increased travel. Complimentary employee cards also ensure more visibility and control into business spending on travel, which can prove incredibly useful. 

Fraud protection

The Barclays Aviator business card comes with $0 fraud liability protection, so cardholders are not held responsible for unauthorized purchases.

Aviator business card - Pricing¹

The AAdvantage Aviator Business MasterCard fees include:

  • $95 annual fee

  • Balance transfer fee, which will be either $5 or 3% of the amount of each transfer, depending on whichever is greater

Barclays Aviator MasterCard interest rates are as follows:

  • 16.24% or 25.4% APR for purchases and balance transfers.
    The APR rate is decided by Barclays during the application review and takes credit history into account. However, please note that the APR can vary depending on market conditions based on the Prime Rate.

  • 25.49% APR for cash advances

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