9 essential apps for expats in Milan

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Known for its fancy fashion and football clubs, Milan reigns as one of Italy’s most exciting cities. Its mix of historical architecture, modern districts and a vibrant international community make it a popular destination for expats. Whether you’ve been there for a while or recently moved, here’s a selection of apps that will make living in Milan, ‘la dolce vita’.


Milan is home to some of the greatest art in the world, and if you want to know where to find it, then look no further than Musement. The local tours and guides app (which was founded in Milan) offers a broad selection of museum tours, sporting activities, and themed city walks. If you want to view art from the likes of Leonardo Da Vinci, Musement helps you skip the queues and get straight to the action. A must-have for culture fans.

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The Fork

A TripAdvisor App, The Fork is a must have for any Milanese food fan. It give you reviews of the best eateries - and discounts in many of them. You can also reserve tables within the App - perfect if you're still polishing your Italian.

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Find your way around Milan with the ultimate navigation app. Whichever mode of transport you choose, CityMapper will show you up-to-the-minute information about which routes are fastest and how much they cost. You can bookmark locations so it is easy to plan your journey. It's especially useful if you’ve recently moved and are becoming familiar with your surroundings.

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Memrise makes it easy and fun to learn Italian like a pro. The language learning-app is ideal for mastering the pronunciations and key phrases of the language. Using games, Memrise utilises a combination of fun and scientifically-backed methods to help you memorise language. It also provides a combination of video, audio and text to give you a comprehensive understanding of Italian. Alternately, check out our breakdown of the best apps for learning a new language.

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Spotted by Locals

Get an insider’s perspective on the best things to do in Milan. This city guide app has exclusive information that doesn’t normally make the pages of well-known guides, so it’s your opportunity to explore the city like a true local, and do something off the beaten track. You can also save your favourite tips for future reference on an offline map. The app is regularly updated with new tips and information so you’ll never be stuck with repetitive suggestions.

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Sample the delicious tastes of Milan with this food delivery app. Foodora promises to deliver within 35 minutes, so your appetite doesn’t have to wait too long before it is served from the finest of Milan’s restaurants - even the ones that don’t offer takeaway. With a myriad of options, Foodora is quickly proving to be the app of choice for Milanese food-lovers.

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If you need to drive around Milan, then Car2Go is the car-sharing app you need. Using your smartphone as a key, you can order a car through the app. Car2Go is especially useful for one-way journeys. There’s no need to return your car to its original spot - simply park it when you’re done. Car2Go is ideal if you need a private and hassle-free way to travel by vehicle.

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Moving to a new place can be full of unexpected surprises - you’ve brought things you don’t need, and realise you don’t have all your essentials. No problem. You can sell your wares, and buy through the Italian marketplace app, Subito. The app’s interface makes it easy to search for items and reach agreements with users. It’s ideal for Milan, as you can search by location and find other users nearby when you promptly need to buy or sell. If you’re adding the finishing touches to your new abode, or doing some essential spring-cleaning, Subito is your one-stop-shop to get things in perfect order.

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