9 essential apps for expats in Dublin


New to living in Dublin? Getting setup in a new city always has it's hurdles. From finding a place to live to getting around town - every city is different. But, if you've got a smartphone, we've got you covered. Here are our top apps for navigating expat life in Dublin:


Entertainment.ie is Ireland's one-stop-shop for everything... entertainment. From cinema tickets to comedy nights, you can see listings and book tickets for (almost) everything that's happening nearby.

Download it for iPhone and Android.

Dublin Bus

Dublin's bus network is a great way to get about town. The Dublin Bus apps include a fare calculator, bus timetables and a handy route planner so you'll never get stuck.

Download for iPhone and Android.


Struggling with the language? Duolingo can help (although getting used to the Dublin accent is on you!). This great app makes learning a new language (or improving your language skills) super easy. And if it's not the one for you, check out our blog on the best language learning apps here.

Duolingo is available for iPhone and Android.

Irish Rail/ Luas Apps

Dublin has a great rail network - and trains are the easiest way to visit some of the smaller towns on Dublin's outskirts. The Irish Rail app lets you plan journeys, check times and get updates on delays. It also includes the DART inner city trains. Dublin's Luas is a tram/ lightrail network perfect for navigating the city centre - and it runs to lots of the tourist destinations - Guinness factory anyone?

Download the Irish Rail apps for iPhone and Android.

Download the Luas apps for iPhone and Android.

Lovin Dublin

In their own words: 'Lovin Dublin is a new publication that celebrates the city of Dublin, the food that the city has to offer and the people that help shape it.' The App lists 100 awesome events happening in Dublin that month - plus news about new restaurants, bars and more.

Download for iPhone here. (Note: €3.59 a month).


Looking for a place to live? Flatsharing is the best way to save money on rent (and still live within a reasonable distance of the centre of town!). Daft.ie is Irealand's most popular site for finding a place to live - shared or not!

Download for iPhone and Android.

Time Out: Discover your city

Dublin has some of the most vibrant nightlife and culture in Europe. But you already knew that. Time Out is a great resource for finding Dublin's best things to do, restaurants, theatre and nightlife - all in one place.

Download it for iOS and Android.



You've probably heard of Uber. In fact you've probably used it in your home city. If not we recommend downloading it. Here's why: - It's a super cheap way of getting a taxi. - No language barriers. If you know where you're going you can just add the destination in the app. Simple.

Available for iPhone and Android.

And finally... Wise

If you need to transfer or receive money from abroad, Wise let's you do it up to 8x cheaper than using your bank.

Unlike banks, with Wise you don't pay a markup in the exchange rate when your money is converted into another currency. And you'll save even more by avoiding the international Swift fees and the intermediary banks, when you send and receive money abroad.

It's cheap, fast, and you know exactly how much you pay and how much reaches the destination. With no unpleasant surprises.

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