9 best bars in Barcelona


####Whether local or visiting, make sure you experience the best of Barcelona's bars.

If you’re looking for a tipple to top off your stroll down La Rambla, or perhaps you’d just like a change from your local, we’ve got a few choice bars worth exploring. Browse our selection of Barcelona's best bars and learn how to tip like a local when you visit the city:

###Pub Fiction – mojito central

The only thing better than a good pun is a great Mojito.

Each cocktail is top shelf quality and made with fresh ingredients. With four to five to choose from each day and at 3 for €10, you can’t really go wrong.

####Old Fashioned Gin Tonic & Cocktail Bar – gin, gin, so much gin

Widely considered one of the best bars in Barcelona.

With friendly and skilled bartenders, an old 20s vibe, and a myriad of cocktails, this place is a real gem. As you can probably guess from the name, most guests recommend ‘everything with gin’.

####Rubi Bar – sit back and relax

A fantastic bar that can only be found if you know where it's hidden.

A relaxed setting for those looking to unwind after a day strolling through Barcelona. The red lighting and classical music contribute to the places casual ambiance. A particular highlight is their collection of homemade infused gins.

####Eclipse at the W – room with a view

A good view tastes best with fresh cocktails and sushi.

Though pricey, this exclusive bar offers a better view than most. From the 26th floor of the W hotel on Barcelona’s coast, look out across the Mediterranean, marina and downtown Barcelona.

####Bharma – a find for Lost fans

A wild card but worth a mention for its oddity.

Inspired by it’s sort-of-namesake the ‘Dharma research initiative’, Bharma considers itself the ‘meeting place for fans of Lost’. Featuring Lost memorabilia, Spanish clips projected onto the walls, and their own ‘Bharma’ brew beer it certainly makes for a unique experience.

####The Wild Rover – classic Irish pub

Located in the heart of Barcelona, just off La Rambla.

This welcoming bar offers comfortable couches and an unequalled drinks menu. Their friendly staff are always up for a chat and a bit of craic. With twelve beers on tap and over twenty bottled beers from around the world, you can sit back and enjoy your favourite sports on their 8 screens. They also offer live music every night of the week.

####Tinta Roja – your standard wine, tango and trapeze artists**

Looking for something a little different?

This intricately decorated Argentinian themed tango house offers tango and trapeze performances regularly. Try their specialty cocktails and wines from Argentina for the full experience.

####Moog - small club, big reputation

Respected both locally and internationally

Within the elegant wood and iron design, you’ll find a sunken dance floor, cabinets of spirits, and an electronic selection of music. With the right timing you might lucky enough to attend one of the Mutek Barcelona parties.

####La Singular - yum

Technically a restaurant but too good not to include.

This cosy local favourite only has 10 tables, so is a perfect date spot. The experimental menu features classic Catalan dishes with a bit of a twist. When there, make sure to try their excellent ceviche. Something to note - it will be well received if you can introduce yourself in Spanish!

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