5 ways to save money on accommodation when travelling


It’s holiday season and everyone’s looking for some time out.

Recharging your batteries doesn’t come for free - but it doesn't have to cost a fortune. Here are 5 ways you can save money on holiday accommodation this summer:


Travelling with friends and want to meet others on their travels?

Hostelworld makes it easy. Explore new cultures, form friendships and live the adventurer's lifestyle. And the prices are always low.

Generator Hostel

Generator Hostels have 9 different locations across some of the coolest cities in Europe.

Berlin, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Dublin, Hamburg, London, Paris, Rome and Venice - any of these take your fancy? The hostels are super slick, featuring a contemporary design, without being too pricey. It doesn’t get much better than that.


You probably know Tripadvisor from looking for restaurants / bars when you’re on holiday.

But it also offers a rental feature. Similar to Airbnb, you select your desired location and how much money you are willing to spend. Plus, you’ve got the trusted Tripadvisor payment protection badge on all the listings - no scamming guaranteed.


Image credit: travelmob blog

Enjoy a homemade breakfast and have your eggs the way you like them.

Travelmob is a platform that lists amazing apartments for a city break or luxury villas for exotic getaways. Sounds pricey? It’s actually much cheaper than a hotel room - pretty amazing. Who needs room service?


The website that revolutionised where we lay our head when we travel.

There are now Airbnbs available in 190+ countries. The platform lets you browse over 1.2 million listings - talk about choice. Staying in an Airbnb means that your host can give you insider tips about the city you’re visiting - it’s always a plus to know a local.

Pay with Wise

If you're paying for your accommodation abroad using a bank transfer - why not try Wise instead?

It’s cheaper than using your bank and always uses the mid-market exchange rate - one more way to save money on accommodation this summer.

Money for here, there and everywhere

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