10 essential apps for expats in Lisbon


So, you’ve made the move to Lisbon, but what are the tips and tricks needed to adjust to life in Portugal’s capital?

Worry not, as we’ve compiled a list of the top apps to help you navigate your new home. Whether it’s discovering the best hotspots or finding the quickest routes around the city, you’ll be living the Lisbon life in no time. Here are our top picks:

Lisboa Move-Me

Find your way around Lisbon with this handy transport app.

You’ll be able to view the latest travel updates, devise the best routes and smartly plan your journeys around the city. By merging different maps together, the app provides information about places of interest, which is useful if you’re looking to schedule in some casual tourism during your day.

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Do some real-life social networking with the Meetup app.

It’s sometimes challenging to meet new people when you’ve moved to a new destination. But with Meetup, you can make new friends and contacts through the many networking communities available on the platform. In Lisbon, there are groups including professional circles, expat meetups and hobby groups. Join in online and in-person for to get the most out of the groups.

Download for your iOS or Android device Reverso

Master the language like a local with Reverso.

What separates this language translation app from other competitors is its ability to give you the right translation based on the context. Whether you’re in a casual setting or a formal business meeting, Reverso gives the translation that is best suited in each scenario. Avoid beginner mishaps and quickly get up-to-speed with the everyday Portuguese lingo. For other suggestions, check out our blog on the best apps for learning a new language.

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With Nearify, you don’t go looking for activities, they come looking for you! The event discovery app helpfully suggests things to do based on your location, so wherever you are, you’ll be close to the action. Attend film festivals, theatre shows and a multitude of other events. You can also save concert reminders and easily book tickets through the app.

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Looking for accommodation?

The Imovirtual property listings app is geared to help you find you Lisbon home. It has a wide selection of properties available to buy or rent ranging from Mediterranean villas, to modern apartments.

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If you’re hunting for great deals around town, MYGON is the app for you.

The discount deals apps describes itself as ’the most complete local guide’, and offers discounts at local spas, restaurants and other businesses. Simply book with your smartphone, and pay in-person. The app has a diverse range of deals, so there is plenty of choice to suit a variety of tastes.

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Lisboa Cool

Imagine a local friend, living in your pocket.

Now, think less Ant-Man, and more Lisboa Cool. This fun events-finder app promises to give you the best of Lisbon. All you need to do is just answer 2 quick-fire questions and bam - you’ll get a bunch of suggestions for going out. It even has a weather tracker, so you’re prepared ahead of any outing. If this app is any indication, you’ll have plenty of things to do in Lisbon, come rain or shine!

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Take advantage of the sights and sounds of Lisbon courtesy of this helpful city tours app.

GPSMyCity offers self-guided tours that let you explore your surroundings with a detailed guide steering you along. There are several Lisbon guides on the app that allow you to learn about the area, at your own pace. With a mixture of breathtaking attractions, and little-known treasures, GPSMYcity does as it promises, and really allows you to take the city into your own hands.

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You've probably heard of Uber. In fact you've probably used it in your home city. If not we recommend downloading it. Here's why:

  • It's super cheap (much cheaper than black cabs, although we recommend trying that at least once for the London experience!)
  • No language barriers. If you know where you're going you can just add the destination in the app. Simple.

Available for iPhone and Android.

And finally... Wise

If you need to transfer or receive money from abroad, Wise let's you do it in just a few clicks and often cheaper than your bank.

Unlike banks, with Wise you don't pay a markup in the exchange rate when your money is converted into another currency. And you'll save even more by avoiding the international Swift fees and the intermediary banks, when you send and receive money abroad.

It's cheap, fast, and you know exactly how much you pay and how much reaches the destination. With no unpleasant surprises.

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