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Make international payments all over the world quickly — with the real exchange rate and no crazy fees.

Get your people and employees paid for less fees with Wise Business — wherever in the world they work.

International payments for less.

No inflated rates and high transfer fees here.

Unlike banks and services like PayPal, Wise uses the real exchange rate and charges super low transfer fees — saving businesses millions each month.

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The more you send, the more you save on international payments.

Our fee gets cheaper when you send amounts above 100,000 GBP (or equivalent in your currency). You’ll get a cheaper fee whether you send a one-off large transfer or multiple transfers over a month.
  • Discount is based on your monthly volume
  • Valid on single and multiple transfers
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Embrace remote working, not high foreign transaction fees.

Pay employees, consultants, and freelancers wherever they choose to work with the real exchange rate and low transfer fees — regardless of country or currency.

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Run payroll for up to 1,000 people in minutes.

Send up to 1,000 international payments with just one transfer.

Simply upload a spreadsheet with the invoice and currency info, and our smart tech will do the rest. You only need your employees' bank account info or email.

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Help your employees and vendors avoid recipient fees.

When you pay with Wise your recipients get paid in their home currency — so pay no recipient fees. They also don’t need a Wise account to get paid.

All you need is their email address or bank information.

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Automate payouts with our API.

Large and enterprise-level businesses making high volumes of payouts can work with our team to create a solution to help them scale.

The Wise API gives businesses access to the low fees, speedy transfers, and smart tech that powers Wise Business transfers.

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