US dollar bank account alternatives in New Zealand

Hold and convert USD easily with a Wise account. Send to 160 countries, and hold and spend in 40 different currencies with no hidden fees.

US dollar bank account vs Wise account

If you need to send, receive, and hold USD you may be able to open a US dollar bank account with your normal bank. That means you can transact in US dollars from wherever you call home, without needing a local address overseas.

Hold your funds in US dollars or 40 other currencies in your Wise account, send payments to 160 countries with fair and transparent fees.

The number of currencies you can receive money in depends on your location. Check which currencies you can receive.

Wise doesn’t accept cash or cheque payments. Read more about which types of transfers you can receive.

Available for you in New Zealand

Here are the products Wise offers: 

How to open US dollar account alternative with Wise

  • 1

    Create your Wise account.

    Register for an account for free in minutes.

  • 2

    Get verified.

    Get verified with your ID by our team.

  • 3

    Take on the world with Wise.

    Add money in US dollars or any of the other supported currencies you want.

Get local account details in 9 currencies

A single Wise account lets you receive money with local account details and IBANs for 9 currencies. Perfect if you live internationally, get paid by an employer overseas, or if you’re just lucky enough to have people abroad who want to send you money.

With a Wise account in New Zealand, you can get:

Spend in New Zealand dollars with ease.

Use your Wise debit card for payments and withdrawals when you travel or when you shop online with international retailers.

  • It’s free to spend currencies you hold in your account.
  • Save up to 4x when you spend internationally.
  • Make 2 withdrawals of up to 350 New Zealand dollar each month for free per account.*
  • Automatically convert your money at the mid-market rate with a small conversion fee — typically between 0.35% and 2%.
  • Spend safely online in 40 different currencies with a digital card.

*Wise will not charge you for these withdrawals, but some additional charges may occur from independent ATM networks.

Open US dollar business bank account alternatives

Make it easier for clients to pay from overseas, and cheaper to get paid in foreign currencies by PSPs like Stripe and marketplaces like Amazon. With Wise for business you can get your own unique account details for 9+ currencies — USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, AUD and more.

Add your local account details to invoices, or use them to withdraw funds from PSPs and marketplaces. Your customers can pay in the currency of their choice - and you can keep more of your money in the end. Everyone wins.

The number of currencies you can receive money in depends on your location. Check which currencies you can receive