The Wise account and card have landed in Malaysia

Chee-Xuan Tang

We’re excited to announce the launch of our multi-currency account and card in Malaysia — to help customers save on every foreign transaction.

The Wise multi-currency account is designed for people living international lives. It lets you pay and get paid around the world without hidden fees, and without the need to have bank accounts in multiple countries. It also comes with the Wise card, which lets you spend in over 150 currencies, at the real exchange rate, without foreign transaction fees.

Traditional bank accounts and cards charge foreign transaction fees every time you spend or receive in foreign currencies, on top of the bad exchange rates your bank might give you. We don’t think that’s fair. So we’re proud to launch the Wise account and card for people in Malaysia. It’s time to say goodbye to foreign transaction fees and crazy exchange rates for good.

Receive money for free

The Wise account lets you send money with the real exchange rate, receive money for free, and convert currencies with low fees.

You can get your own bank details for 10 different currencies (including SGD, MYR, USD, GBP, EUR, and more) to receive money for free from those places. Unlike other accounts, there are no monthly charges or minimum balances required.

You can give your new bank details to friends, family, companies, or clients in the UK, Europe, US, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore to get paid in the local currencies, directly into your Wise account. It'd be a local bank transfer for your sender, so it's free for you to receive money with these bank details.

The Wise account lets you add, hold, and convert over 54 currencies instantly. All conversions and transactions are made with the real exchange rate — like the one you see on Google.

Save when you spend abroad, with no foreign fees

For people shopping online overseas, travelling internationally, or paying for subscriptions in foreign currencies, you can save up to RM 6.25 per transaction when spending in foreign currencies. You can spend in-person or online in over 200 countries at the real exchange rate, with zero foreign transaction fees and super-low conversion fees.

Our Wise card is part of the Wise account. With the card, you get the real exchange rate on every purchase, and free overseas cash withdrawals up to 1,000 MYR every month. It’s already helping over 11 million people around the world avoid hidden bank fees when they spend in foreign currencies. And now people in Malaysia can benefit from it too.

Read more about why you should order a Wise card in Malaysia from our updated review!

How to get your Wise card

If you already have a personal Wise account, just log in to order your card. If you don’t have an account, it’s free and easy to get started.

Order your card for free from now till 1 Jan 2022, limited to the first 5,000. Say bye-bye to complicated forms, as you can easily sign up for an account online. And if you need to get in touch, our customer support team is happy to help. The Wise multi-currency account and card is not available for businesses in Malaysia yet.

A secure way to manage your money

You can manage everything from your phone or computer, and keep track of all your spending with push notifications and emails. If you leave your card at home and need to make an online payment, you can get your card details on our website or app. And if you leave your card at a cafe or in a taxi, not to worry — you can freeze and unfreeze your card with a click. We’re also regulated by the Central Bank of Malaysia.

Regardless of where you’re going, what you’re doing, or how long you’re doing it, the Wise card is your ticket to stress-free spending across borders. Get your card today.

How Wise are you about money?

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