Travel guide: Applying for a China visa for Malaysians

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Planning a trip to China? With so much to see and do, China is a popular destination. But before you travel you’ll need to make sure you have all the correct paperwork in order. This guide walks through how to apply for a China visa for Malaysian citizens and legal residents. We’ll also cover the China visa fee for Malaysians, and all the documents you need to prepare before you can get your application moving.

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Does a Malaysian need a visa to China?

You’ll need a visa to enter China, with different visa types available depending on your travel purpose.

This guide will mainly focus on the visa options for tourists headed to China. In this case the visa category you need is likely to be an L type visa - if you’re headed to China for any other reason, check out the different visa categories available on the Visa for China website¹, to see which meets your needs.

How to get a China visa for Malaysians

You’ll need to apply for your China visa at the visa application centre closest to your home in Malaysia². Application centres are in Kuala Lumpur, Kuching and Penang³, and you can either apply in person yourself or have a third party - like an agent - apply on your behalf at the centre.

When should I apply for my China visa?

You’re advised to apply for your China visa at least a month before your planned date of travel, but not more than 3 months in advance of your expected travel date.

Can I apply for a China visa online from Malaysia?

It is not possible to get your China visa online⁴ - you’ll need to submit your application and all the supporting documents required to the visa application centre in person yourself or have a third party visit the centre to submit the application. In this case you could have an agent support your application, for example, although you’ll still need to be in Malaysia at the time your application is being processed.

China visa application - step by step

Here’s a step by step guide to getting your China visa in Malaysia, assuming you’re planning on heading to the application centre in person yourself. We’ll look in more detail at the supporting documents needed next:

  1. Identify the correct type of visa for your needs using the China visa website
  2. Prepare all the documents needed
  3. Complete the online application form and print it out
  4. Make an appointment to attend the visa application centre
  5. Submit your documents at the visa application centre
  6. Pay your visa application fees and collect your passport and visa

The length of time it takes to prepare your visa will depend on the service you select - from around 2 working days to 4 working days or more. You’ll need to head to the visa centre again once your paperwork is ready so you can pay and pick everything up.

China visa - supporting documents required

The exact documents you need will vary based on the visa type you are applying for. The officers at the visa application centre are also entitled to ask for additional paperwork if they believe it is required. However, in general, for a tourist visa for China you’ll have to prepare:

  • Your original passport with at least 6 months validity
  • Photocopies of your passport
  • Completed visa application form
  • 2 passport photos
  • Proof of legal status in Malaysia if you’re not a Malaysian citizen
  • Copies of any previously held China visas or Chinese passports
  • Details of your travel plans including tickets and your itinerary

China visa application Malaysia: fees

The fees you pay for your China visa are made up of the following:

  • China visa fee charged by the Chinese Embassy
  • China visa fee payable to the service centre

There are differing rates based on the specific visa needed, your nationality and how quickly you need your visa to be processed. Let’s look at the total costs for a Malaysian citizen⁵:

Visa type/detailRegular service (4 working days)Express service (3 working days)Rush service (2 working days)
Single entry109 MYR251 MYR328 MYR
Double entry129 MYR271 MYR348 MYR
Multiple entry - 6 months159 MYR301 MYR378 MYR
Multiple entry - 12 months199 MYR341 MYR418 MYR

Fees can be paid in cash or by card, and need to be settled at the point you collect your visa if you’re completing the application in person at the centre.

Sample China visa application form - Malaysia

You can get a sample China visa application formhere, so you can see in advance all of the information that will be required. Then simply head to the China visa website, and start your visa application form online⁶.

Once you’ve entered your information you’ll need to save it, and you can’t proceed from one section to the next until all the detail has been entered. When everything is complete you can print your form and get ready to attend your appointment at the visa application centre.

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China visa for Malaysians: summary

So there you have it - all you need to know to apply for your Chinese tourist visa from Malaysia. To make sure the process goes smoothly you’ll need to have all your paperwork prepared in advance before you travel to the China visa application centre - if you’re in a hurry or don’t live near to the centre you may find it more convenient to have an agent support and submit your application. This will cost more - but can mean less hassle.

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