Send CNY to businesses in China

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Doing business with vendors or suppliers in China? You can now pay them in Chinese Yuan (CNY), also known as Renminbi (RMB).

Instead of having your vendors bill you in currencies like USD, and losing money to high conversion fees, they can now bill you in, and get paid in, CNY.

You can now send money from your home currency – USD, GBP, AUD, JPY, SGD, NZD, CAD and HKD, and your recipient gets CNY. And we always convert your money at the real exchange rate, for a low, transparent fee.

Now you can check the latest rate with this currency converter to send RMB.

How to send money to China in CNY

  1. Set up a transfer and tell us your bank account number — we need this for reporting purpose.
  2. Enter your business recipient’s bank account details.
  3. Pay for your transfer. When we receive your payment, the money will be sent to China.

Once the money’s on its way, , your recipient’s bank will contact them to complete a declaration process confirming the business transaction.

Fast, low-cost money transfers to China

We always give you the real exchange rate, with a low, transparent fee, and you save money compared to PayPal, Western Union, or most banks.

Check out our rates below.

Fees for paying 30,000 CNY to a business in China:

Send fromFee
HKD 🇭🇰396.74 HKD
USD 🇺🇸55.35 USD

Fees as of 14 December 2021, 10:55 AM. You can log in to our pricing calculator, or check our pricing page to see how much you can save.

Paying China businesses in USD

Your vendors and suppliers in China can now invoice you in CNY and you can pay them using Wise. However, if they prefer to be paid in USD, you can do so with Wise.

With Wise, you can send US dollars to bank accounts that are denominated in USD outside the US. This way, businesses who need to pay USD invoices or send money to an account outside the US can do so without using their bank. Check the currency conversion rate for USD to RMB.

USD is sent to bank accounts outside the US via the SWIFT payment network . This is different from a regular Wise transfer and might take a day or 2 longer. It also costs a bit more, but is still cheaper than more traditional methods of sending money overseas. Learn more.

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