Wise's programme 'Startup Surgery' diagnoses business ideas


On March 1st Wise kicks off its mentoring programme Startup Surgery. The programme’s objective is to help people with innovative business ideas to develop their product or service. Wise's experienced employees will act as mentors to the programme teams.

According to Kaarel Kuddu, Wise's Product Lead and one of Startup Surgery’s initiators, Wise’s team wants to share its experience and knowledge with others.

“Our story is often set as an example of successful entrepreneurship. We would like to take it one step further and boost people’s confidence so that their smart business ideas can succeed.”

Kuddu says the programme is designed for people with an idea or a prototype that needs an extra pair of eyes or expert advice to take it to the next level.

“We also expect teams who when developing their already existing business, have hit a dead end and need an expert diagnose of what could the best cure. Technology, economics, education, sports, design, social enterprises - all is welcome. We’ll be looking at two key components – the person’s ambition and whether idea is about trying to solve real problem. For those not chosen to our programme, we will give exhaustive feedback that helps the team to develop the idea independently.”

The deadline for submitting ideas is March 31st. By that time Startup Surgery team expects to receive the description of the business idea or prototype. Up to six candidates will be chosen for the three months’ mentoring and development programme.

The mentors of Startup Surgery programme will be Wise employees.

“We’re not able to guarantee that we’ll have specialists for every very specific field. Indeed we would assume that every team is an expert when it comes to their idea. But we can do what we do daily at Wise: ask difficult questions, help them to set their focus, offer alternative angles to approach the problem and help them to make sure they are solving the right problem. In that case the team will be able to continue independently even after the programme,” Kuddu explains.

The kick-off event with inspiring speakers will take place on Thursday, April 13th in Wise. Everyone is welcome to join regardless of whether they were selected to the programme or not.

For more info, timeline and applications, head to the Startup Surgery site.

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