The wise way to get paid as a freelancer in Germany

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If you’re a freelancer living in Germany with clients overseas, Wise could save you a lot of money when you get paid, compared to your bank or PayPal.

That’s because unlike banks or PayPal, it’s free to receive payments in USD, GBP, AUD, and EUR. How? A Wise account comes with local account details for the US, the UK, Australia, and the Eurozone. It’s like having a domestic bank account in each of those places – so you can get paid like a local.

Wise also always uses the mid-market exchange rate. Other providers typically markup this rate, which is an unnecessary extra fee for you.

For example, here's how we compare with other providers for sending 10,000 pounds to euros – look at how their mark-ups can take a bite out of your earnings:

Find out more about how we calculated this here.

How Wise works for a freelancer:

  • Get your local bank details instantly: a US account number and routing number, a UK account number and sort code, an Australian account number and BSB code, and a European IBAN.
  • Give your clients your local bank details and have them pay you as they normally would. (By not having to pay you in euros, you’ll save them some money, too).
  • Withdraw money from online freelancer platforms like into your Wise account.
  • Hold over over 40 different currencies in your one account, or move money right to your bank.
  • Convert between currencies instantly – just pay a small fee each time you you do.
  • Always get the real exchange rate for your dollars - with no costly mark-up.
  • Use your Wise debit Mastercard to spend your money anywhere, at anytime,.

Ready to sign up? Create your free account by clicking here.

Or read here for more information about getting paid as a freelancer.

So whether you need to get paid by clients in different currencies, move money between your own accounts, send money to family or friends, or pay bills or manage invoices, Wise will save you time and money, and makes the process much easier.

Already use us? Why not invite your friends? At Wise, we have a nice referral program. Invite your friends and family to send money with us from your account and we’ll give them a free first transfer. And for every 3 of them who make a transfer, we’ll give you a cash reward.

Wise ist die clevere Alternative für Auslandsüberweisungen.

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