Wise & Interac help customers easily move Canadian dollars globally

Geoff Barruel

Customers in Canada told us that they wanted to use Interac to add money to Wise, so they could fund their account or pay for international transfers. Today we’re excited to announce the launch of our new Interac offering in Canada — helping customers to move Canadian dollars into Wise using the payment method they want.

By using Interac’s e-Transfer Request Money feature, customers now have a more convenient way to move money into their Wise account. In collaboration with Peoples Trust Company, part of People's Group, Wise customers can securely fund their Wise Account or transfers via Interac, using their email address or mobile number.

Pay in a few clicks

Using Interac e-Transfer with Wise is simple.

Get started by setting up your transfer or top-up as normal and select ‘Interac e-Transfer Request Money’ as the payment method.

You’ll be asked to share the email or phone number you usually use with Interac. We’ll use this contact information to send the request.

Money arrives in minutes

Once you provide the contact information, the notification of the request from Wise should appear almost instantly in your inbox.

Simply approve the request, and the money moves into Wise within minutes.

Your money's always safe and secure

Once you’ve approved the request, the money is sent directly from your Canadian bank account to Wise. Your account information always stays protected.

You’ll be notified once the request is fulfilled and the money is in your Wise account.

The launch of the Interac e-Transfer Request Money feature within Wise is just one way we’re working to deepen our offering in Canada. Watch out for more new features that meet the real needs of consumers and businesses in Canada.

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