4 things you can do with your new Wise card


Things we know to be true about Canada:

  • You’re notoriously friendly
  • You brought the wonders that are Poutine and Butter Tarts into our lives
  • You’ve now got access to borderless transfers with Wise Card

What is the Wise card you ask? We’re here to tell.

What you may not have known is that having an account with Wise means you can get your hands on a free card that allows you to spend anywhere, anytime at the real exchange rate.

There are no set up costs, it’s free to pay with currencies in your account, you can make online and international money transfers, you only pay a small conversion fee and it automatically converts your money at the real exchange rate.

We know, that’s a lot of information so let’s make things simple. Here’s some of the ways you can put your shiny new Wise Card to good use.

To the card!

Shop online internationally with Wise

Banks usually charge 3-6% on foreign money transfers. We charge 0%. And since you can use your Wise card globally, every dollar you save in fees can go towards what you buy online internationally. We’re not advocating going on a spending spree, but sometimes you’ve just got to treat yourself.

Our card allows you to transfer money locally and internationally while being able to spend online all over the world.

Get your holiday on

Frequent travellers, this one’s for you. We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again. With a Wise card in your wallet you can pay directly from your account in any currency. Forget about complicated conversion fees, our team has set up smart tech that will always auto-convert to the lowest possible fee making money transfers simple. So you can pay for holidays as if you were from the country you’re visiting.

Now we’ve gotten excited over the prospect of saving some cash, let’s get real. Travel doesn’t always go to plan, but that’s ok. Should you leave your wallet on a Venetian gondola, we’ve got you covered. Your Wise card can be frozen and unfrozen within seconds and you’ll receive instant notifications whenever money is spent or sent on it. And, all your card details, including the PIN can be dug up on the web platform or your app.

Pay for business expenses and get paid

We believe in a healthy balance of business and pleasure which is why you can use our card to get your business dollars sent straight to your pocket. Money transfers made easy.

With Wise you can get paid from over 30 countries across the world and hold money in up to 50 currencies. Meaning you don’t have to be limited by your location and you can expect to get paid globally, not just locally. Pay for business expenses, say yes to that next freelance project and expect rates that are up to 4 times cheaper than most other providers.

Make living abroad easier

Recently moved to another country or need to pay for something back home? Well, put down the calculator and piles of paperwork, we’ll take it from here.

A lot of the time, when moving country, you’ll need to jump through hurdles before you can get a hold of a bank account. With low conversion fees, borderless spending both online and offline and the ability to spend like a local, you can set up shop wherever you want without having to worry about the technicalities. International money transfers to Canada and beyond don’t need to be complicated.

List aside, our point is there’s heaps you can do with a borderless account and one of our Wise Cards. Don’t believe us? Have a read of what two of our customer’s living abroad had to say.

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