We’re launching AUD Direct Debit for your business

Christine Sou

From today, you can pay bills by Direct Debit in Oz and across Europe, straight from your Wise Business account. There goes another border to doing international business.

Why are we launching Direct Debits now?

Because since 2011, we’ve been on a mission to make finance fairer. And we listened and learned that something was missing to truly achieve money without borders; Direct Debits. Because our borderless mission means not only faster and cheaper transfers — but more convenient ones, too. Businesses small and large should be able to conveniently pay for recurring bills, without the hassle each time. So welcome AUD, you’ve officially joined GBP and EUR as a currency you can pay your bills in.

Pay your bills effortlessly

Service subscriptions, monthly bills, and charity donations — most companies now like to get paid by Direct Debit. Now you can set them up to pay across Australia — and Europe — right from your Wise Business account.

To set up a Direct Debit:
→ Add an AUD balance
→ Click Get bank details
→ Give your AUD bank details to the business you’re paying

Et voilà. We’ll take care of the rest.

Direct Debits are also available from GBP or EUR balances to pay bills across Europe.

Does your business receive payments too?

If your business collects payments from the likes of:
→ Stripe
→ PayPal
→ Ebay

You can use your AUD, EUR and GBP bank details to set up Wise as a payout account — and save on those high conversion fees and sneaky exchange rate markups. And if you’re collecting regular deposits from your Amazon sellers account, you can do so straight into your Wise balances too.

Learn more about how to use Direct Debits. Or log in to your account to get started.

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