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Exploring India with the Wise travel money card and save

No loading or subscription fees

Reloadable and reusable for all your future trips. Convert and spend with ease, hassle-free.
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No limit on loading amount

Load any amount you desire - no minimum required. Enjoy ultimate flexibility on your journeys.
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Low conversion fees

Spending abroad in Indian rupee, if you don’t have the currency you need in your account, we’ll auto-convert it with the lowest possible fee.
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A travel money card for India

The Wise travel money card can be ordered from the US for sending, spending, and receiving Indian rupee abroad. Enjoy the exchange rate you see on Google for transactions in over 40 different currencies.

Use your card in more than 160 countries and withdraw money from 3 million ATMs worldwide.

If you don't have an address in the US, it's best to check if Wise travel card is available in your country.

A travel card for India

Benefits of choosing a Wise travel money card for India

Create up to 3 digital cards for free

Travelling tomorrow? Use a virtual card instantly on your phone.

Spend instantly with Google Wallet and Apple Pay

No need to wait for the physical currency card. You can use it with Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

Free ATM withdrawals from worldwide

Get cash from more than 3 million ATMs worldwide (free from Wise fees, up to $100 USD per month)

Freeze and unfreeze your card instantly

If the card has been lost or stolen. You can temporarily freeze your card to prevent someone using it from your phone

In-app ATM finder

In the Wise app, you can check the free ATM fee network using the ATM locator. To avoid extra fees from the ATM, be sure to choose the local currency where the ATM is

Instant notifications on your phone

Check balance and transactions on the Wise app, and receive notifications for every transaction

Spend smart on your Indian adventure with the Wise travel money card

How does a Indian rupee travel card work?

With our Smart Conversion feature, you can explore the world without worrying about fluctuating exchange rates.

If your local currency balance runs low, you can still spend money. Our intelligent system will automatically select the balance for you that has the lowest conversion fee from your other available currencies.

No more sneaky transaction fees or facing unfavourable rates at airport counters. Our travel money card ensures you get the most out of every penny, making your holiday money go further than ever before.

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Order a travel money card for your Indian vacation is simple

Step 1

Create your free Wise account. Order your Indian rupee travel card for a one-time fee of $9 USD.

Step 2

Choose currencies. Activate Indian rupee or any of the other 40+ currencies that we offer, and top your account up.

Step 3

Spend in India without rip-off fees. Start using your travel money card abroad. You can start spending in INR with a digital card immediately.

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Tips for saving travel budget in India

  • Don’t exchange your travel money at the airport – it’s much cheaper to withdraw money from an ATM with your travel money card.

  • Always choose the local currency (without conversion) when withdrawing money from ATMs or using your travel money card in shops and restaurants.

  • If you need to pay for your holiday in a foreign currency, transfer your money with Wise.

  • Download the free Wise money transfer app and manage your balance on the go.

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Download the travel money app

Wise has mobile apps for iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

Using the app, you can reload your prepaid travel card from anywhere with the internet. You will be notified with every transaction. Also, you can freeze your travel money card after each purchase.

Download from the Apple App Store Download from the Google Play Store

Questions about travel money card for India

Don’t worry – it’s easy to freeze and replace your Wise card. If it’s lost or stolen, here’s what to do.

  1. Freeze your card by logging into your Wise account. This will stop any transactions from taking place.

  2. Contact us via email or phone. We’ll put a permanent block on your card.

  3. Confirm via email that you understand your card will be blocked. We want to make sure before going ahead.

  4. Order a new card like you did the first time. We’ll ask you to confirm your name and mailing address.

Once we have these details, we’ll get your new card on its way to you. Meanwhile, you can create a digital card for free and use with Google or Apple Pay straight away.

Explore India and spend smart with the Wise travel money card

Get your travel card for India today