From 20th May Wise debit cards will cost NZ$14

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Up until now, we’ve been offering debit cards to our customers for free. From 20th May, there will be a small fee to produce and deliver new debit cards for customers.

We believe you should only ever pay for the services you use.
Which is why we don’t ask you to pay monthly fees or have a minimum balance to use your account. And it’s why, if you decide to open a multi-currency account with us, but you don’t need a debit card, there’s no charge.

We also believe in radical transparency.
We want to be very upfront about what this fee is paying for. Card fees help cover onboarding costs (like verifying your identity), customer support (💚someone to help when you need it), and the creation and delivery of your card 📮.

Why don’t banks charge for cards?
High street bank accounts typically cover the costs of current accounts and debit cards by charging you high fees on things like currency exchange and overdrafts. We don’t. We believe our customers are better off with low, transparent fees for the things you use Wise for, and not for what you don’t.

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