Large transfers need
more than a great rate

We don’t do hidden fees or exchange rate markups. And we believe your large transfer deserves dedicated support — as well as a low fee.

Compare our fees to see how much you can save

We want you to have a crystal clear view of how much money arrives at the other end. That’s why we never add a mark-up to the exchange rate and show our fee transparently instead.

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Sending 10,000 JPY withRecipient gets(Total after fees)and transfer speed
63.82 USD
Transfer fee
140 JPY
Exchange rate(1 USD JPY)
Exchange rate markup
Cost of transfer
140 JPY

59.10 USD- 4.72 USD
Transfer fee
499 JPY
Exchange rate(1 USD JPY)
Exchange rate markup
390 JPY
Cost of transfer
889 JPY

Western Union
54.95 USD- 8.87 USD
Transfer fee
1,480 JPY
Exchange rate(1 USD JPY)
Exchange rate markup
36 JPY
Cost of transfer
1,516 JPY

Rakuten 楽天銀行
53.05 USD- 10.77 USD
Transfer fee
1,750 JPY
Exchange rate(1 USD JPY)
Exchange rate markup
66 JPY
Cost of transfer
1,816 JPY

This applies when you pay in via bank transfer. How do we collect this data?
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  • We help 16 million customers move £30bn every quarter, worldwide
  • Your transactions are extra-secure with our 2-factor authentication

Get dedicated support from our experts

If you’re sending or receiving large amounts our team of experts are ready to help with every step of your transfer.

Track your transfer at every step

It’s easy to view your transfer’s progress using your Wise account. Just log in using our app or website.

*Transaction speed claimed depends on individual circumstances.

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For big money transfers at life’s big moments

Selling in one country to buy a home in another

If you’re selling up overseas to fund buying a home in your country of residence, our team of experts are ready to help. We regularly work with people who want to safely move big money from one country to another so they can complete a property purchase.

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The paperwork you may need to get your large transfer done

We may ask for documents that show where your money comes from. Here are some that you may need, have them ready to help speed up your transfer. Learn more about the documents you may need.

Bank statement

It needs to have:
  1. Name and account number
  2. The money going in and out of your account

Sales agreement or solicitor's letter

It needs to have:
  1. Signatures of both parties
  2. Property address and description
  3. Dates of ownership

Your money is safeguarded

We’re licensed to hold your money and follow strict rules to keep it safe. That means we hold it with established institutions, separate from our own accounts.

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