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Spend in any currency with Wise Business.

Get cards for you and your team to spend online and in-store — without foreign transaction fees.

Pay with the real exchange rate.

Pay in the currency of the country you’re buying from to save on conversion fees.

You can spend online or in-store in 55+ currencies and 200+ countries.

Wise Business debit card
Keep your money safe, and your business account secure.

Spending alerts


Get instant spending notifications and track business expenses in your Wise app.

Stay in control


Approve card payments instantly. Set spending limits on your business account and control payment methods.

Freeze your card


Card gone walkies? Stop anyone using it in a single tap. You can defrost it just as easily if it turns up.

Track your team's expenses.

Get team members their own card connected to your Wise Business account. So they don't need to use their personal account for business expenses — and you can monitor their spending instantly.

Filter transactions by team members, download statements, and manage company spending limits.

Wise Business debit card

Start spending before your card arrives.

You don't need to wait for your physical card to arrive — get your card details in the app instantly after ordering.

Start spending online or add your card to Google Pay or Apple pay to spend in-store.

Wise Business debit card


Start spending with Wise Business today

Create a Wise Business account in a few minutes. Once you’re verified, you and your team can order debit cards and start spending instantly.

Order your card