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Fees for holding money

Hold 50+ currencies in your Wise account for free. Pay an annual fee for larger amounts in Euros.

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Holding money with Wise

It’s free to keep most currencies in your Wise account, up to a limit

From US dollars to South African rand, hold your money in different currencies without fees.

Pay a fee to hold more than 70,000 EUR

If you’d like to keep more than 70,000 EUR in your Wise account, we’ll charge a 0.4% fee annually.

  • Annual fees
  • globalCurrency

    Hold 50+ currencies balances


  • Less than 70,000 EUR

    More than 70,000 EUR


    0.4 %

Want to hold a larger amount?

Calculate your fees

70,000 EUR or lessFree
Extra 35,000 EUR

It’s free for the first 3 days

You can keep more than the currency holding limit in your account for 3 days. After the third day, we’ll apply a fee.

Then, we’ll charge an annual fee

We’ll take the fee from your account at the end of each month. The amount’s based on the number of days per year you hold money with Wise.

We’ll only charge for the extra amount

For example, if you’ve got 100,000 EUR in your account, we’ll only take a fee for 30,000.

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