Singtel Dash Remittance: Your full guide

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Singtel Dash lets you send money to a handful of countries in Asia through their local branches or mobile app. And while they make the process easy, you may find the fees high and the restrictions of how much you can send low. Read on to learn more about how Singtel Dash works and whether it is a good option for payments in the region.

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Send money abroad with Singtel Dash

Singtel Dash lets you send money to different banks and cash pickup providers in these 6 countries¹:


There are specific banks and providers in each country that Singtel is partnered with, so check if the bank or wallet you need to send money is available. But to send money to these 6 countries, you first need to register for a Singtel Dash account.

How to open a Singtel Dash account

The easiest way to open an account with Singtel Dash is to download the Singtel Dash app onto your mobile with a local Singapore number. Once it is downloaded, you will have to complete a self-registration which will include taking a photo of your NRIC card, Work Permit, S-Pass, or Employment Pass. Also, you will be required to take a photo of yourself to verify your identity.

Another way to open a Singtel Dash account is to head to the Lucky Plaza or City Plaza where you will find Singtel Dash branches. You can sign up for an account there, and similarly, make sure you have your NRIC and work permit documents with you.

Now specifically for remittances, you will need to register separately for the remittance service by Singtel Dash. This can be found on the app under Send Money, then tap on Overseas and Register for Remittance. You can also go to the physical branch during business hours or at one of Singtel Dash’s Mobile Remittance Roadshows.

Singtel Dash can also be used by employers to send monthly salaries or money instantly to foreign domestic workers in Singapore².

Singtel Dash charges and fees

There are two main fees you can expect with Singtel Dash. The first is a transfer fee on every remittance transaction, although it differs depending on where the money is going. The second is a fee hidden in the exchange rate you get from Singtel Dash.

The transfer fee varies depending on the destination country and the bank you are sending to. Here are some of the different transfer fees you can expect when sending money with Singtel Dash³:

PhilippinesCebuna LhuillierS$ 4.00
BDO, Metrobank, RCBC and PSBS$ 3.50
IndonesiaBank Mandiri, BRI, OCBC, CIMB and 10 othersS$ 8.50
MyanmarKanbawza Bank, Ayerwaddy Bank, Co-operative BankS$ 5
IndiaYes Bank, Bank of India and 18 other Indian banksS$ 3.50
BangladeshCash pickup at Agrani Bank, Bangladesh Krishi Bank, Islami Bank Bangladesh, Sonali Bank, Janata Bank Bangladesh, Pubali Bank, Rupani BankS$ 5.00
ChinaAgricultural Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank China, Bank of Communications, China Citic Bank, China Merchants Bank, Postal Savings Bank of China, and Bank of ChinaS$ 9.00

On top of the transfer fee, there is another fee snuck into the exchange rate you get when you convert Singapore dollars to one of the foreign currencies. Singtel Dash sets their own exchange rate which is weaker than the real exchange rate you see on Google. And in that small difference, they are able to sneak in a fee to you on every Singapore dollar sent abroad.

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Singtel Dash transfer limit

One of Singtel Dash’s limitations is with how much you can send abroad and to how many people. The maximum number of beneficiaries you can register is 5. The maximum you can send per day is a total of S$ 3,000, and the most you can send in a calendar month using the app is S$ 9,000. Over the course of a year, you are not able to send more than S$ 30,000 abroad from your Singtel Dash account.

If you are a Work-Permit holder, you are even more constrained where the maximum you can send is only up toS$ 3,000 per month.⁴

Time it takes with Singtel Dash

There are varying options for how to send money abroad including cash pickups, direct to bank accounts, a Dash wallet, or even mobile wallets abroad. Depending on how your money is sent, it can arrive instantly, within a few minutes or up to a few days. Check with the app or the Singtel Dash branch to know more about your specific transaction.

Singtel Dash customer support

You can reach Singtel Dash’s customer support quickly and easily from the Singtel Dash app. There is also a help centre on the Singtel Dash website that can guide you through common questions. You also have the option to head to one of their branches across the island for in-person help.

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The true cost of international transfers with Singtel Dash

While Singtel Dash can make the overseas transfers look easy, you might feel restricted in your international transfer. First, you can’t send more than S$ 30,000 per year. Then you can be hit with a high transfer fee on what you do send. Plus a hidden fee in the exchange rate, different from the mid-market rate. When it all adds up, Singtel Dash can end up costing you more than you expect.

A cheap, fast and transparent alternative: Wise

With Wise, you can send money directly to local bank accounts at the real exchange rate. There is no markup or hidden fee. All you have to pay is one low transfer fee on each transaction, that’s it. It is no wonder that over 7 million people use Wise for their global money transfers.

And with Wise, you won’t be limited by how much you can send abroad. So if you need to send school fees to the UK, salaries to the Philippines, or put deposits on your next holiday, you can do it all with one free Wise account. Sign up today and see how much you can save on your next global money transfer.

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