Maybank Manchester United Platinum Visa Card: All you need to know

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Are you a Manchester United fan? Well, Maybank has a credit card that can help expand your fandom and give you discounts on Manchester United experiences. The Maybank Manchester United Platinum Visa Card lets you keep a part of the team in your wallet, but that doesn’t mean it comes cheap. Read on to learn more about this unique Manchester United fan-oriented credit card.

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How does the Maybank Manchester United Platinum Visa Card work?

The Maybank Manchester United Platinum Visa Card works just like a normal credit card. Once you’re approved, you will be given a credit line that you can spend against. The card can be used for in-person transactions, online purchases, and overseas spending wherever Visa is accepted.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t fees. Take a look below at how the fees shape up for the Maybank Manchester United Platinum Visa Card.

Fees and charges

Maybank Manchester United Platinum Visa Card¹
Annual feeNo Annual Fee
Annual interest rate15-18%
Overseas exchange rateSet by Visa
Late payment fee1% of the unpaid amount, with a min. RM 10/max. RM 100
Minimum monthly repayment5% or RM 25, whichever is higher
Foreign currency transaction fee2.25%
Cash advance transaction fee5% of the amount taken out, with a min. of RM 18.
Overlimit feeRM 0

Who is eligible for Maybank Manchester United Platinum Visa Card?

The Maybank Manchester United Platinum Visa Card is available to everyone between 21-65 years old. If you are Malaysian, you are required to have a minimum annual income of RM 30,000. For foreigners, the minimum annual income is higher at RM 60,000.

To apply you will need to show your NRIC or Passport, as well as income verification documents. This can be salary slips, or even your bank account statement for the past 3 months. Foreigners will need to show evidence of employment in Malaysia for at least a year. You can apply directly online or at a Maybank branch near you.²

What can I do with Maybank Manchester United Platinum Visa Card?

The Maybank Manchester United Platinum Visa card can be used for all types of purchases at the store or online. As long as the merchant takes Visa, you can use the card. But being a Manchester United affiliated card, there are perks for football fans. Let’s take a look.

Maybank Manchester United Platinum Visa Card TreatsPoints

Maybank has its own rewards programme that gives you TreatsPoints as you spend using this credit card. The TreatsPoints can then be exchanged for dining, travel and shopping deals with Maybank. You can earn 1 TreatsPoint with spending on utilities, petrol, and other monthly expenses. But with this Manchester United card, you can earn extra 5x points on groceries, and earn 10x for purchases on the Manchester United Direct Online Megastore. Plus, you earn 5x TreatsPoints on all purchases the day that the team wins a Premier League Match.³

Maybank Manchester United Platinum Visa Card discounts

You can also get discounts when you buy online from the official store or go to watch your favourite team in person. When you use your Maybank Manchester United Platinum Visa Card at the United Online Megastore & Outlet, you get 10% off on all full-priced items. And when you are at Old Trafford, you can get a 10% discount at Red Cafe and a 20% discount on the Manchester United Stadium and Museum Tour. As always, however, it’s good to read the fine print on what is and isn’t included before going.⁴

Overseas spend with Maybank Manchester United Platinum Visa Card

For being affiliated with an English league team, the Maybank Manchester United Platinum Visa Card does not make it cheap to travel or use the card when you head to Old Trafford. Overseas spending with this card gets you hit with two different fees- the hidden exchange rate and the foreign transaction fee.

With Visa setting the exchange rate, the credit card company is able to sneak in another fee in the exchange rate your purchases get converted. The rate is set a little lower than the banks’mid-market exchange rate, and the difference turns into a fee for you. And with all of your overseas transactions being converted from the foreign currency into Ringgit, that means you might be giving the company more than you think on every transaction.

Add the 2.25% foreign transaction fee on top of this, and this card leaves you less money to spend on watching and being with your favorite team. Tired of overpaying for global travel? Move your money across borders with Wise.

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