Jem Swift Exchange Singapore: Your full guide

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If you’re on Jurong Gateway Road, there is no way you are missing the large Jem shopping complex right by the Jurong East MRT. And tucked inside this expansive mall is Jem Swift Exchange. So if you have currencies you would like to exchange or buy, you can do so from the Jem Swift Exchange counter on B1. Read on to learn more about how Jem Swift Exchange works and what to expect when exchanging currency.

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How to exchange currency with Jem Swift Exchange

Jem Swift Exchange is open 7 days a week from 10am-9pm normally. The currencies available will be listed on the board, with popular currency exchanges being British pounds, US dollars, and Malaysian Ringgit¹. You can also do money transfers from the Jem Swift Exchange counter. Just remember to bring a government-issued ID with you when you go to the counter, and in case of a transfer, the full bank details for your beneficiary.

Jem Swift Exchange does not have a website but, you can reach out to them by phone at +65 6341 5255.

Jem Swift Exchange charges and fees

It is difficult to know what the charges or fees will be for your transfer with Jem Swift Exchange, without going down there yourself. They do not have a website or list their fees online or their exchange rates.

Normally with money changers, they charge a hidden fee in the exchange rate that they offer. But more on that in the next section. The exchange rate that you get and how weak or strong it will be, depends on a few factors. The factors are how popular the currency exchange route is, how much you are exchanging or sending, and how you are paying for it. There also may be additional fees levied by Jem Swift Exchange for executing the exchange, so pay a close eye to your bill when you are at the counter.

Want to know how much a transfer will cost before you start? Check out Wise. TransferWIse has a transparent calculator that tells you exactly how much the one low transaction fee is, the real exchange rate you will get, and when the funds will be delivered. So you are informed to make the best choice for you and your wallet.

The true cost of money changing with Jem Swift Exchange

So how much will it cost you to exchange money with Jem Swift Exchange? Without fees or the exchange rates being listed upfront, it is difficult to say.

But one thing that is for sure, is that Jem Swift Exchange does set its own exchange rate. And that exchange rate is weaker than the mid-market exchange rate. The mid-market exchange rate is the rate that banks use themselves to exchange currencies. It is also the same one that you see on Google or Reuters, and it does not carry a markup.

So whether you are buying or selling currencies you are not getting the real exchange rate. And in that difference between their exchange rate and the mid-market exchange rate is where Jem Swift Exchange makes its money. And that means less in your wallet.

And when the only way to do a transfer is to go to the counter, you also lose out on time you could’ve been spending on doing more important things. Why waste time and money on unclear fees and rates? Get a free account from Wise and start sending money around the world right from your phone, no matter where you are. And with Wise you will only ever pay the real mid-market exchange rate and one upfront fee. That’s it.

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A cheap, fast and transparent alternative: Wise

Over 7 million people have chosen Wise for their global money transfers and more. With a commitment to transparency and low-cost transfers, it is easy to understand why.

Wise uses smart technology to make global transfers fast and low-cost, and then pass the savings on to you. For any transaction you do in the 60+ currencies available, you will always pay the mid-market exchange rate and the low upfront fee. No hassles or surprises here.

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