Best Travel Insurance in Singapore in 2020

Aman Saxena

Travel may not be what it used to, but travel insurance is one way to safeguard against unexpected situations. It is a way to not only have some peace of mind during a new trip but also to get bills covered or compensated from unforeseen events like medical emergencies or flight cancellations. And now there are even more packages, perks, and add-ons to make travel insurance fit your specific needs.

Let’s take a look at the best options for travel insurance in Singapore and dive into what makes them similar and different. Read on to see which travel insurance would be the right fit for your next holiday.

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NTUC Income travel insurance

NTUC Income doesn’t have the most extensive options of the group, but it can be a good option for those with big families or those who prefer Chinese medicine practitioners.

  • You have the flexibility to choose from 3 different packages within the Standard policy option
  • You get travel insurance coverage for an unlimited number of children under a Family policy
  • Policies cover travel delays, medical expenses including treatment by a Chinese medicine practitioner, trip cancellation, or money or baggage loss

With NTUC Income, you can get coverage for all trips that start and end in Singapore, either as a single trip or an annual multi-trip package. NTUC Income’s travel insurance comes in Classic, Deluxe, and Preferred packages. And each package has an individual option or a family option. For families that are traveling, it is required that everyone within coverage travels together to get the full single trip coverage. If you are looking for more flexibility or if you have a form of pre-existing conditions, you can also look at their EnhancedPreX Plan.¹

MSIG travel insurance

MSIG’s travel insurance plans offer you flexibility and coverage for even those with qualifying pre-existing medical conditions. And if you are a student, you can get covered too with travel insurance through MSIG for when you study overseas.

  • MSIG travel insurance for flight delays, loss of baggage or money, accidents and sickness
  • Separate plans for regular travel insurance, those with pre-existing conditions or students
  • MSIG has an easy to use website

MSIG offers different plans for the type of traveler you are. You can buy a regular Travel Easy plan, TravelEasy Pre-Ex for those with pre-existing conditions, or Global Study for students. With either TravelEasy plan, you can get up to S$1,00,000 in coverage for overseas medical expenses if you’re under 70, and up to S$500,000 for personal accident insurance. If you are traveling as a family, TravelEasy covers families up to a total number of 7 people. And as a student, you can get 1 month to 12 months of coverage for however long your course or program is. An additional perk with the TravelEasy plan is that you can get coverage for even adventures that take you dog sledding, tobogganing, sledging or ice-skating.²

AXA travel insurance

AXA’s Smart Traveller is a strong option if you are looking for more of a standard travel insurance. There are limited perks for families and none for those with pre-existing conditions, but there is high individual overseas medical coverage.

  • Upto S$600,000 in overseas medical coverage in the Comprehensive plan
  • AXA does not have plans for those with pre-existing medical conditions
  • Coverage includes 24-hour Emergency Medical Assistance

AXA’s Smart Traveller Insurance only offers two plans, the Essential and the Comprehensive. The Comprehensive has everything the Essential does but just with extended coverage. The AXA Smart traveler policy does cover travel inconveniences and loss of personal belongings, personal accidents, emergency medical evacuation, and adventurous activities. You can get a quick quote from the AXA Smart Traveller website and see if you want add-ons like coverage for pets or sports equipment.³

Aviva travel insurance

You have an option to choose from 3 different plans with Aviva, as well as add-ons to your policy. But unlike other policies, adventure travel does not come included.

  • Coverage includes loss of frequent flyer points.
  • Trips must be round-trip from Singapore to qualify
  • Aviva offers single trip or annual multi-trip policies

Aviva Travel Insurance offers 3 different travel insurance packages, Travel Lite, Travel Plus, and Travel Prestige. Travel Prestige has the highest coverage and protection, while Travel Lite is a standard package, with Travel Plus falling in between. Travel Lite covers your overseas medical and personal accident expenses, while the other two also offer insurance for trip date changes. Unlike other companies, Travel Prestige offers unlimited overseas medical coverage. Aviva also offers add-ons for an overseas wedding, golf holiday, winter sports like skiing and adventurous activities. You can get an immediate and no-obligation quote right from the website to get started.⁴

DirectAsia travel insurance

DirectAsia offers a few additional perks and add-ons that can’t be found elsewhere, but otherwise, their packages aren’t suitable for people that are looking for medical coverage above S$500,000.

  • Overseas medical coverage ranges from S$150,000-500,000
  • Family travel insurance covers children for free on the Family Plan
  • You can add optional coverage for a maid

DirectAsia offers 4 different travel insurance plans across their single trip or annual options. The most coverage, DA 1000, however, is only available under the annual option. Single trips are capped at a max of 182 days, while trips within an annual plan are capped at 90 days per trip. Beyond the standard overseas medical coverage, accident, and loss of baggage, DirectAsia travel insurance also will pay for a family member to be with you if you are alone and hospitalized abroad for more than 5 days. You can also buy additions to your coverage such as for sports equipment, extreme sports and activities, as well as coverage for maids.⁵

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