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A-Express Remit is a remittance service provider located in Lucky Plaza. With a limited online presence and only services to Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia, there are better and cheaper options out there to send money globally.

Take a look at this full guide to A-Express Remit to see if this could be an option for you, or if it would be cheaper and faster with other providers.

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You can also transfer money to local bank accounts in over 150 different countries from your smartphone with Wise. With an easy online sign up and at a cost that is less than most major banks, Wise lets you send money cheap, easy and fast around the world.

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Send money abroad with A-Express Remit

If you want to send money to Malaysia, the Philippines or Indonesia from Singapore, A-Express Remit can help. There is only one branch and it operates at Lucky Plaza at 304 Orchard Road.

A-Express Remit has partnered with BDO for bank account crediting in the Philippines. And you can also arrange for cash pick-up in the Philippines through BDO, Cebuana and MLHuillier. For Indonesia and Malaysia, check with A-Express Remit directly to know the pathways to send money home.

You will have to physically head down to Lucky Plaza to send money as A-Express Remit does not have a website or app you can access. Instead, they have a Facebook page from where you can book an appointment to go to the branch. The A-Express Remit Facebook page also has updates for the day’s exchange rates they offer. You can also call at 6235 9849 or on WhatsApp at 9034 7894 to book an instant appointment.¹

How to book an A-Express Remit appointment

Since A-Express Remit only lets you send money in person, you either walk in to their branch Monday through Friday during their working hours listed below. Or if you can only go on Saturday, Sunday or holidays, you will be required to make an appointment before heading to A-Express Remit.

A-Express Remit is only open from Monday to Friday from 9am to 7pm. And for Saturday, Sunday and holidays you can find them open from 830-630pm. But keep in mind that they take their last transactions 15 minutes before closing, regardless of the day.²

A-Express Remit charges and fees

A-Express Remit is not upfront about how much their fees are so it is hard to say how much it may cost you to send money home. But there are two main fees to expect. First is the transfer, or handling, fee and the second is a hidden exchange rate fee.

For the handling or transfer fee, it can differ based on what country you are sending money to and how it is being delivered. A-Express Remit’s page has advertised that the transfer fee to crediting a BDO account in the Philippines or sending below S$ 200 to Indonesia is S$ 4. But again, it may vary so you will have to check with A-Express Remit directly by phone or in person to know the fee for your particular transaction.³

The exchange rate fee is actually well hidden in the exchange rate that A-Express Remit offers. By giving you an exchange rate that is weaker than the real exchange rate, A-Express Remit takes a fee in the small difference. Check out how that can translate to more expensive remittances in this section.

A-Express Remit transfer limit

A-Express Remit is not transparent on the transfer limits, so you will have to give them a call or stop by the branch to see how much you can send for your specific transaction and destination.

Time it takes with A-Express Remit

Depending on the bank that the money is going to, the transfer can be completed in real-time, a few hours or 1-2 days. Check with A-Express Remit for how quickly your money can get home.

A-Express Remit customer support

You can reach out to A-Express Remit by phone at +65 6235 9849 or by email at remit@aexpressremit.com. You can also send a message through Whatsapp or Facebook messenger for any questions. And as always, you can head down to the branch with any questions.

You’ve worked hard for your money so you should know how much you will have to pay in fees when sending money back home. Wise is always transparent so you can calculate how much the one low fee will be and the delivery time, even before you sign up. Check out the free calculator at Wise to see if you can save money by switching to the easy, cheap and fast way to send global money transfers.

The true cost of international transfers with A-Express Remit

So how much will an A-Express Remit cost you? It is hard to say as each transaction is unique and they don’t provide a calculator upfront. But looking at a transaction of S$ 1000 to a BDO account in the Philippines, you can get a rough idea of what to expect. Below, you can see how much you can save by using the real exchange rate and the one low fee with Wise.

A-Express Remit⁴Wise
Sending AmountS$ 1000S$ 1000
FeeS$ 4S$ 6.77
Exchange RatePHP 35.30PHP 35.5609
Receiving AmountPHP 35, 158.80PHP 35,320.15

as of August 18, 2020

While A-Express Remit may have a low transfer fee, they end up costing you more with the hidden exchange rate fee. And in the end, your recipient in the Philippines gets close to PHP 200 more just by sending the money with Wise instead of A-Express Remit.

That is because Wise always uses the real exchange rate. That means you get the same rate that the banks use themselves, and as the one listed on Google. So there is no hidden fee or mark up in the exchange rate, and you save money on every Singapore dollar you convert.

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A cheap, fast and transparent alternative: Wise

Why pay more for a money transfer home when you don’t have to? Wise lets you send money to local bank accounts in over 150 different countries at the real exchange rate. So whether you need to send money to the Philippines, Europe or the US, you can do it with just one low transfer fee. And you will always be told upfront the exchange rate, the fee and when you can expect it to be delivered.

Plus Wise is completely online, so you’ll never have to go down to a branch to send money. Whether you are on the go, at home or travelling, you can use the Wise free award-winning app to send money when you need to. It is as simple as that.

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