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One card, 40+ currencies.

Save up to x3 when you spend internationally


App to top-up and convert in real time
Check balance and transactions on the app, and get notification for every transaction.


ATM withdrawals
Get cash from more than 3 million ATMs worldwide (free from Wise fees, up to 1000 MYR per month).


Get Malaysian account details. Receive local transfers within Malaysia instantly.


Spend the leftover money in Malaysia free
If your trip is cancelled or have leftover currency, spend it at home in Malaysia, with a small conversion fee.

Spend in 175 countries

The Wise travel money card gives you the best rate for spending in 40+ different currencies. Use your card in more than 175 countries and withdraw money from 3 million ATMs.


It is x3 cheaper when you spend internationally

With the Wise travel money card you can get a better exchange rate and lower fees than your bank. If you have the local currency in your account, the Wise travel money card will use it. If not, it will auto-convert your money at the current rate, for a tiny fee.

Free ATM cash withdrawals up to 1000 MYR a month

The Wise travel money card takes the worry out of using ATMs abroad. You only pay a small fee on withdrawals after the first 1000 MYR. Avoid hidden fees in the exchange rate while withdrawing from ATMs abroad. Learn more about our pricing.

*Some additional charges may occur from independent ATM networks.

What is a travel money card?

A travel money card, also called a currency card, is a type of a card which allows you to keep multiple currencies, and use the card while travelling the world with no hidden fees to worry about. You can hold up to 40+ currencies in your travel money card, and convert them at the mid-market rate with the free Wise app.

Unlike travel money cash, you don’t even need to have the money converted beforehand — simply use the travel money card in stores, coffee shops, online or withdraw from ATMs, and we’ll convert the amount automatically for you for a low fee.


Is travel money card better than travel money?

A travel money card — also known as a currency card — is a popular way to spend travel money abroad. It's easier and safer than compared to carrying foreign currency in cash, and less complicated than using traveller’s cheques. It’s usually cheaper than converting cash when you arrive.

More tips for saving money on holiday

  • Don’t exchange cash at the airport – it’s much cheaper to withdraw money from an ATM with your travel money card
  • Always choose the local currency (without conversion) when withdrawing money from ATMs or using your travel money card in shops and restaurants
  • If you need to pay for your holiday in a foreign currency, transfer your money with Wise
  • Download the free Wise app and manage your balance on the go
Travel money card

The Wise travel money card is safe and secure.

Wise is registered with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network(FinCEN) with money service business registration number 31000065314305. It is licensed as a money transmitter in the states and supervised by regulatory authorities in each of those states.

This means we're required by law to keep your money safe by storing it in a low-risk financial institution - in Europe this is in our UK account with Barclays, in the US this is in our US account with Wells Fargo.

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