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Fees for receiving and adding money

Receive and add money to your Wise Account for free. For some currencies, we offer faster or more convenient options for a small fee, too.

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Receive money with Wise for free

Get account details around the world, for free

Get paid like a local in AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, HUF, JPY, NZD, PLN, RON, SGD, TRY without fees — no matter where you are.

Then, get paid into any account

It’s free to receive money into your Wise Account. Some faster methods of sending money, like wire payments in US dollars, have a fixed fee — but there’ll always be a free alternative.

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Setting up account details

Open your own account details

Receiving local payments (non-Swift / non-wire)


Receiving USD wire payments

There’s a fixed fee to receive USD via wire

6.11 USD
Receiving CAD Swift payments

There’s a fixed fee to receive CAD via Swift

10 CAD
Receiving Swift payments in 21 currencies

No fee from us. Correspondent banks might charge fees we have no control over

Our fee

Choose your fee for adding money

The price depends on the payment method you choose

Some ways to pay are free, others have a fee. Use the calculator to check.

Skip the fees by making a bank transfer

Add money to Wise Account via bank transfer for free when the currency stays the same. Pay a small fee to add USD or CAD.

Top tips for receiving money

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Get paid like a local

Help whoever sends you money avoid fees. Just share your Wise Account details with them for the currency they’re sending.

You’ll get the money faster — and avoid hidden fees.

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Receive your salary into Wise

Share your bank details with your employer, and receive your primary income or pension directly into Wise. Then, convert it to whatever currency you like.

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Receive money fast and for free from other Wise users

Got friends on Wise? Skip the bank details — and the fees. People can send same-currency payments directly to your Wise Account in a flash.

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