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Westpac exchange rate

Considering a Westpac money transfer? Compare Westpac international transfer fees and exchange rates, and get a better deal for sending money abroad.

Exchange rates and fees per currency for Westpac
CurrencyProviderShould arriveTransfer feeExchange rateRecipient gets
Sending 1,000 AUD
Sending with [object Object]
US dollar
Westpac logo
10.00 AUD0.660157653.56 USD
Indian rupee
Westpac logo
in 1-3 days
10.00 AUD51.830751,312.38 INR
Westpac logo
in 1-3 days
10.00 AUD0.631928625.61 EUR
British pound
Westpac logo
10.00 AUD0.544505539.06 GBP
Philippine peso
Westpac logo
in 1-3 days
10.00 AUD36.332135,968.75 PHP
New Zealand dollar
Westpac logo
10.00 AUD1.061761,051.14 NZD
Singapore dollar
Westpac logo
10.00 AUD0.919525910.33 SGD
Tongan pa'anga
Westpac logo
in 1-3 days
10.00 AUD1.479231,464.44 TOP
Solomon Islander dollar
Westpac logo
in 1-3 days
10.00 AUD5.222755,170.52 SBD
Papua New Guinean kina
Westpac logo
10.00 AUD2.295442,272.48 PGK
The above information applies when you pay in via bank transfer. 

About Westpac

Westpac is a public company, headquartered in Westpac Place, Sydney. It has been operating in banking, financial services industry since 1817. Westpac offers its customers products and services in finance and insurance, consumer banking, corporate banking, investment banking, investment management, global wealth management, private equity, mortgages and credit cards.

How long does it take to send money with Westpac?

The time it takes to send money with Westpac will depend on:

  1. Where you’re sending money to: sending money to some currencies can take longer than others. Check our comparison table above to find an estimate for most world currencies.
  2. The payment method you’re using: using a debit card or a credit card to fund your transfers is usually the quickest, but can come with an extra cost.
  3. When you send your money: different banks have different cut-off times, which, if you miss them, can make your money transfer take longer. Weekends and bank holidays can also have an impact on the duration of your money transfer.

How much does it cost to send money abroad with Westpac?

The cost of international money transfers with Westpac will depend on where you are sending money from and to. Check our comparison table above to find a price for your money transfer.

Your chosen payment method can also come with extra costs. Bank transfer is usually the cheapest option, especially compared to payment with credit or debit card. In our comparison, we compare the costs using the bank transfer method.

This doesn’t show the whole picture, however. Unlike Wise, many banks advertise low fees, while adding hidden costs to the exchange rate. Often without telling you.

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